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I played this deck on OCTGN earlier today, watch the VODs on my YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/ToominNetrunner

Near Earth Active Response and Protected Asset Division

A different take on Near-Earth Hub

Already Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center has been shown to be an amazingly strong identity. The extra influence and card draw have been used to good effect to bolster NBN Fast Advance, but I think that the ID can offer so much more.

Key Deck Concepts

  • There are 31 cards in the deck that can be installed facedown in a new remote, this deck aims to install in a new remote at least once each turn
  • The sheer number of trashable cards overwhelms all runner economy. It is not possible to trash everything, and is even difficult for Whizzard. Interns and Encryption Protocol add to this.
  • Landing tags on the runner allows you to slow them down through taxing both credits and cards.
  • There are multiple win conditions: flatlining through Snare!/Dedicated Response Team/TGTBT, by scoring an overadvanced Project Beale with Psychographics, or by regular AstroScript Pilot Program chaining when the runner is to scared to run new remotes or centrals.


  • There are a wide variety of acceptable starting hands. You are looking for at least two of: PAD Campaign, Marked Accounts, Pop-up Window or Jackson Howard, and not too many agendas. Due to the draw ability, bad starting hands are somewhat mitigated.
  • Use the ID ability every turn if able. There are 31 cards in the deck that can be installed facedown in a new remote, so this shouldn't be difficult.
  • Ice is almost exclusively for central servers. If you think you have a window for it, you can try and score an AstroScript Pilot Program behind a Tollbooth, but Tollbooth is usually best spent protecting your most heavily attacked central server.
  • City Surveillance strategy: this card is an MVP in this deck. Almost noone will trash them when they're unrezzed, especially if you have a few Encryption Protocols running. Place them face down, and then wait until the runner ends their turn with 1 or 2 credits, then rez as many as you can, even if it bankrupts you. This gives them the option of floating tags (which is what we really want), or spending a lot of turns getting the money to trash them while remaining tag-free, only to have you re-install them with Interns.
  • Dedicated Response Team strategy: try and hide their presence for as long as possible, only rezzing them when they commit to accessing a Snare! or TGTBT. The other time to start rezzing them is if they start floating tags. Either way, they're going to be trashing them aggressively after that, so either protect them with light ice, or Interns them back for maximum frustration. Once they start floating tags, Dedicated Response Team taxes every run with meat damage, and slows them down a lot.
  • Avoid HQ agenda flood at all costs. I don't mind holding onto 1 or 2 NAPD Contracts or an AstroScript Pilot Program that I think I'll be scoring soon, but otherwise they need to be chucked in the archives once you have a Jackson Howard on the table.
  • I inevitably need to devote a section to countering Account Siphon: try to keep enough assets on the table that you can rez, then hit them with Closed Accounts as soon as possible. Keeping unrezzed Dedicated Response Teams can also wreck an unprepared siphoner. This deck isn't too badly affected by siphon play, and can destroy a runner that decides to float tags.
  • There are a thousand mind games you can play with this card composition. Things like: install/advance a TGTBT, making it look like an NAPD, then they take the tag when they run. I'll often leave AstroScript Pilot Program facedown unadvanced for a few turns if they're not checking remotes and I have other priorities for my clicks at the time.
  • As of writing this, Astrobiotics NEH is by far the most popular build. The runner may play in anticipation of this, meaning that you may be able to get kills when they are rushing and are careless.


  • Whizzard. This matchup can still work out, you just need to install faster than he can trash with his recurring credits. Manually draw if needed to supplement your ID draw for new assets.
  • Ignoring your assets, and keeping pressure on centrals. If they have the econ to continually ignore the city surveillance tax and can enough to also hit your central servers, then your remotes are pretty worthless. Aim to get difficult ice like Tollbooth and Data Raven rezzed on your key centrals.

Potential Adjustments and Alterations

  • Diversified Portfolio could work really well; I usually have 5+ remotes early on in the game.
  • Add a few more ice. I've tried a few different iterations of the deck with more, and some with less. Around 10 seems enough to tax your centrals sufficiently.
  • More consistent ice. With lots of 1/2 ofs, Your ice composition will be different every game. Counterargument: allows unpredictability, mitigated by deck's draw power, allows multiple games against an opponent without them knowing what your ice will be.

Additional Notes

  • I've been playing around with Dedicated Response Team for a fair while, so I'm glad that an ID finally came out that makes it great!
26 Aug 2014 Grimwalker

Kicked my butt a couple of nights ago, just starving me of credits and getting the Astrotrain going. It's the kind of thing I've been trying to make NBN do for months now, glad to see someone made it work!

26 Aug 2014 Grimwalker

Kicked my butt a couple of nights ago, just starving me of credits and getting the Astrotrain going. It's the kind of thing I've been trying to make NBN do for months now, glad to see someone made it work!

26 Aug 2014 Grimwalker

Yay, I found the YouTube video!

Actually, I was not trying to float tags, I was just trying to get ahead of things so that I could play some of the mitt full of Resources I was stuck with. Lost too much tempo. You're right it was an error to rerun to trash PAD, but I sensed a Purge and wanted to use one more Imp token....more notes later.

28 Aug 2014 hi_impact

Great job on the deck, I love City Surveillance. Much like Heinlein you don't even have to rez it until you want to.

Encryption Protocols is insane, such a strong card.

28 Aug 2014 Myriad

I think Manhunt is going to do wonders to elevate the power of this deck.

Its a lot of fun right now though. I definately swapped in diversified portfolios. Made 13 creds off of it.

Might also consider dropping one or two assets from my build just to make room for more stuff. I think 10 or 11 ICE is pretty ideal though. Only felt the pinch slightly from ice destruction. I walked all over criminals with this build.

30 Aug 2014 Argamas

Look very interesting. Kudo's for creativity! Is Psychic field an option? It's a great way to empty an hand.

3 Sep 2014 Grimwalker

Yep, DP is a straight up swap for Hedge Fund--I get them for 6-7 easily, and once got one for 18.

Worst matchups have been Whizzard or a Kit/Magnum Opus who decide that they're going to go kill every remote you lay down. Not sure how to deal with those.

3 Sep 2014 Toomin

In a more recent version of the deck I've also swapped the 2x snare for 2x cerebral static. Wrecks whizzed pretty hard and deals with a few other difficult matchups too!

4 Sep 2014 Myriad

I think if you are going to be running a current in this deck, it will be the upcoming Manhunt.

The trace is pretty small, but its not so bad if you are using some satellite dishes, which is a great form of asset economy. It also will enable you to play with other tracing ice if you want to.

Will it replace city surveillance? Maybe. Hard to say. I just think the ability to force dedicated response team to trigger once per turn on your whim is too strong to ignore.

Also, I think cutting snares in this deck is the wrong way to go right now. I would be tempted to cut eli and a few copies of encryption protocols before that.

7 Sep 2014 Exo

I really like the idea of the deck but I would cut the Snare! too.

I prefer to get Mental Health Clinic instead and use more Data Raven to protect the DRT. Maybe it would be worth trying to fit a third TGTBT too. MHC will fit better with the ID and let you use the extra money you get from it and the one you saved for Snare! let you use it to rez better ICE and City Surveillance.

8 Sep 2014 Myriad

Cutting Snare! is probably in line with the worst idea for this deck.

Snare! lets you threaten a flatline unless they are over 5 cards in hand. Mental Health Clinic is nice, but not as nice in a deck like this, especially as it runs opposite the typical alternative win condition of a flat line.

City Surveillance is honestly going to be something I will be cutting in the near future down to a 1 of or 2 once Manhunt hits.

16 Sep 2014 Exo

I understand more the idea of the deck as I tried to build something similar, you are totally right. The big difference between mine and yours is that I inserted Psychic Field and RSVP and I don't have Encrytion Protocol. I decided to use them after seeing the synergy between them and DRT. If the runner is tagged (Data Raven, Manhunt, etc) and run a Psychic Field, 1x DRT on the table is enough to end the game. RSVP can back up mostly everything early on and let you score NAPD safely.

21 Oct 2014 PaxCecilia

Hey Toomin, finally got a chance to check out the videos on Youtube. This is probably one of the coolest decks I've seen in a long time. Do you have any idea how to deal with Gabriel Santiago? I've been doing some random draws and it seems like the amount of Ice is a bit too inconsistent to keep him out of HQ reliably. My biggest fear would be to get Account Siphoned before I get my economy assets rezzed.

23 Oct 2014 funkatr0n

Played this against Kit. Got 2 DRTs out and had Snare! in hand. Kit plops down HQI so I start dumping cards out of HQ. She runs, accesses, I rez 2 x DRT. Hits Snare! and suffers a respectable 6 meat damage on her turn for the corp win. Very cool deck!

13 Nov 2014 dodgepong

I started playing this deck recently, and it's a lot of fun! Really forces the runner to make bad decisions.

My only changes to this version are -3x Hedge Fund -2x Rainbow and +3 Diversified Portfolio +1 Enigma +1 Mother Goddess. DP has been discussed as an improvement to this deck and it is definitely a good add...I have tons of remotes and gaining 4 credits is usually as bad as DP does, usually more like 7. I also didn't like Rainbow for how porous it was...sure it's cheap to rez and usually ~3c to break, but I wanted something besides Tollbooth to force out a Decoder, and Mother Goddess is very good early game, and as good as Rainbow late game, for only 1 extra credit.

I played a little with Manhunt, cutting 1 City Surveillance for it, but I really like City Surveillance in this deck...the deck really shines with all 3 rezzed, and if you can get at least 2 rezzed, that's still pretty good. If there are only 2 in the deck, that's less likely, and Manhunt didn't seem to do as much for me. Once they're tagged and DRT is rezzed, they don't run, which means Manhunt never taxes. A more consistent City Surveillance feels better to me, and taxes even if they sit still. Perhaps I need to test it more, but Manhunt feels more like something you would include if you were to make a Making News version of this deck, which could be fun,

20 Nov 2014 hi_impact

RIP Toomin. He made two decks, both very awesome and inventive, and died.

May he rest in pepperonis.

22 Nov 2014 Toomin

I'm still alive! Life just got in the way, I'll be making some more when I have time!!

1 Dec 2014 PaxCecilia
1 Dec 2014 dodgepong

I could see an argument for -1x NAPD Contract -1x Interns +2x License Acquisition. That may be something I consider. Already, something else I've done is -1x Closed Accounts -1 Interns +2x Daily Business Show. Getting the extra card draw resolution is great for digging for the exact combo pieces you need, right when you want them. It has been a very valuable addition to my rendition of the deck.

1 Dec 2014 PaxCecilia

The reason I suggested it is because I absolutely hate Interns. It's useful when it's useful, but sometimes you'll have 2 or 3 in hand and no valuable targets to use them on.

6 Jan 2015 SlySquid

My co-host @Glitch plays this deck now and it is so debilitating to play against, such a great deck! But fuck do I hate playing against it lol well done sir...

14 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

@Toomin Now with O&C released, I'm curious to hear what you think about the strength of this style of deck currently, and what the deck would presently look like.

I am new to the game, and interested to gain some experience playing NEH, and I like what I see here currently, but am uncertain of what allowances/changes to make now.

Thank you. :)

14 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

@dodgepong On Nov 13, you said that you preferred City Surveillance over Manhunt because once Dedicated Response Team are active with a Manhunt on the board, the runner tends to not run.

Isn't that a good thing...? It means they are not destroying your assets, or scoring agendas.

14 Feb 2015 dodgepong

Possibly, but if they don't run, they can instead build up their rig/econ engine to deal with it later. City Surveillance constantly messes with them and puts tremendous pressure of them to run and trash it, and if you rez it when they end their turn broke, it will take them quite a while to recover, at which point you can spend even more time building a board.

What I like about City Surveillance is that it doesn't let the runner sit back and turtle for a few turns. It put s pressure on them and becomes debilitating to live with.

What I love about this deck is that it forces the runner to make bad decisions, and doesn't let them rest whether they run or not.

14 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

@Exo You shared in September that your deck differs by removing Snare! and Encryption Protocol, and instead contains Psychic Field, RSVP and more Data Ravens.

Can you please share your ideas about your deck, in the present?

And open to anyone: Where does Psychic Field and RSVP fit in this deck strategy? Are Encryption Protocols integral to the deck?

14 Feb 2015 Toomin

Hmm, I've haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this deck in the last few months, but here's an idea of what it might have looked like if it was made now:

Modern N.E.A.R.P.A.D

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center (Upstalk)

Agenda (11)

Asset (20)

Upgrade (2)

Operation (6)

Barrier (1)

Code Gate (4)

Sentry (3)

Multi (2)

17 influence spent (max 17)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Source

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

  • Daily Business Show is fantastic as mentioned above
  • Still think I'd keep City Surveillance over Manhunt, the point is to keep the assets going!
  • License Acquisition is good, think its fits as a replacement for TGTBT. We can now add SanSan City Grid too as we'd rather score Licence Acquisition than have it stolen.
  • 1x Wraparound as a gearcheck. You have enough draw power that 1 -ofs are ok.
  • Reversed Accounts is interesting. Needs protection to be of use (otherwise would likely just be trashed), but if I'm protecting it, wouldn't I rather just score an AstroScript? 1-of for those opportunities that they either can't run (tagged and DRT rezzed) or can't trash (poor and/or Encryption Protocol running).
  • Nothing from O&C really fits without changing up the whole archetype.
15 Feb 2015 Toomin

Oop, think I need to tag you to notify of reply: @Fl3xbyts

1 Jul 2015 TheseGlyphs

Big fan of this deck @Toomin! Made a reworked version here, see what you think