DC Alliance IG- SUPERFRIENDS - 2016 Durham regionals winner

dashakan 529

Original design goes to thebigunit3000, Jonas Wilson, I merely helped him tweak and tune the deck through many iterations.

Think it lacks money? Afraid of parasite? Don't be concerned, this deck is undefeated by any and all Silhouettes and Exiles in the jnet casual room. Just install MCH, start searching for assets, and laugh as your opponent complains about no longer being able to read the cards.

The real concern comes in the fear of bodily harm from other tournament goers. If you are taking this to a live event, you should be prepared to defend yourself. No, that isn't really Ben Affleck in the dark alley behind the store, don't believe the lies. Also, keep an eye on your bag and wallet. Play this deck at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of playing this deck.

18 Apr 2016 mediohxcore

My whole family divorced me after I played this deck against them. Thank you Baltimore superfriends for giving me my freedom back!

18 Apr 2016 spags

People already hate me. I have nothing to lose, nor live for.


18 Apr 2016 d1en

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18 Apr 2016 d1en

Well looks like its not letting share this image directly: g1332118713377210683.jpg)

18 Apr 2016 d1en
18 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

You folks took a toxic idea and then dipped a rusty blade into it.

This deck can lose if the runner makes a power play in the first 3 turns or so (siphon-> Keyhole, Indexing into 2 agendas), otherwise they are up shit creek. Well done. Having 6 ICE that keep Whiz out of archives is super key!

18 Apr 2016 Lorgar

I see no Psychic Field in your list. How did you deal with runners checking every remote aggressively? Were the two Chronos Project enough to deal with Deus X and other recursion?

You play in your version comparably lot of ice. How did you place it?

18 Apr 2016 thebigunit3000

We tried Psychic Fields, they didn't work because 1) you didn't really have the money to spend on them early, 2) against the matchup where you really want to discourage that, Whizzard, IHW means that they're unlikely to lose many valuable cards and they'll go even deeper into their deck.

The best way to keep them away from your remotes is to keep cards facedown in archives and ICE your most powerful asset in the matchup.

18 Apr 2016 lopert

They laughed at me when I said techstartup for goodcards.

Then they laughed at me when I said to slow roll the ronin.


18 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

I'm not sure I see the need for Ronin aside from just finishing the game faster. I think I'd rather have a 2nd pavilion.

18 Apr 2016 Chuftbot

Yeah, another Pavilion would be even more consistent. I love Ronin to death, but I'm not sure it's really worth it here since the deck doesn't need it.

18 Apr 2016 dashakan

The Ronin is a necessity in a tournament to close out games against slow opponents, particularly in the elimination. As far as a second Genetics Pavilion, completely unneeded since you have Tech Startup to tutor it on demand.

18 Apr 2016 rojazu

What is your first target for tech startup? Turtles or the city hall?

18 Apr 2016 dashakan

Really depends on setup. Sometimes I have a lot of installs in hand, and I want turtlebacks to get real money. Usually it's city hall, because the Mumba temples you get will let you rez your ice. You really only need real credits to trigger snares, or rez multiple ice on a heavily defended server late game.

18 Apr 2016 crfluency

This decklist got 1st and also 3rd place at Durham regionals out of 56 people. It's a good deck to make friend.

18 Apr 2016 trafalco

In pre-regionals testing I saw grown men with tears streaming down their cheeks. As a result in an upcoming friendly team tournament in the local DC area, it was decided it would be best to ban Museum of History (aka museum of sadness). This tournament is in a public place and we don't want people's first impression of the game to see a seen of mass depression.

19 Apr 2016 LazerDoofus

@dashakan how do you fair against Anarchs with Archives interface?

19 Apr 2016 dashakan

I don't worry about Archives Interface. It is too expensive, and too slow. Just double ice archives and you are fine, a third ice if you feel you need it. Losing a couple cards won't make you lose. You can not ice HQ usually vs Anarch, you have plenty to put on archives.

19 Apr 2016 ThisIsAzrael

Guys this deck is just unreal. Every game with it feels so strong and I never feel like I'm out of control of the board state. Any advice for playing against it? Az

20 Apr 2016 MrMint

@ThisIsAzrael well the first solution who comes to mind in a tournament setting is to play corp first and take an extra bit of time winning it then pack some hard RnD pressure to get ahead on agenda points early and then stall discretly to get a timed win. 3-0 is better than 1-2 and often it would be more interesting for the IG to concede in order to get better SoS.

It's not how I like to play ANR but it seems to me like the best strategy in tournaments.

20 Apr 2016 Mechanoise

@ThisIsAzrael Keep constant pressure on the corp. IG relies on you being paranoid to make runs since they cannot win by scoring. Attack centrals, Siphon them, and don't let them build up their board.

20 Apr 2016 LeePo

@ThisIsAzrael I've Beaten 5 IG in a row on Jinteki.net with Whizz, 2 Employee Strike, 2 Same Old Thing, 1 Film Critic and 1 Scrubber in place of Archives Interface. Even with Cerebral Static, IG is a piece of cake when whizz trash her board with Strike online.

21 Apr 2016 clercqie

If you're playing Scrubber in Whizzard, than you're giving up a lot of win% against other decks, just to improve an already great matchup.

This deck does not play Hedge Fund anymore, compared to the original Bigboy version. This means that you can control it better in the early game. Deny them money. Trash Temples and Turtlebacks first. Don't be afraid of Archives, they don't have 3 Shocks in there by turn 3 usually. Also don't neglect HQ. Probably there are some agendas stashed there, since most people concentrate on RnD and Archives.

After a while, switch from controlling the money to controlling the recursion. And set up some RnD multiaccess.

This deck is obviously good, but against a Runner who knows what the plan is and trashes the important stuff accordingly, it can never finish the game in a decent amount of time in my experience.

22 Apr 2016 ff0X

Tried the deck yesterday and it's silly. Well done. :)

22 Apr 2016 tbigfish

Why the fetal? You can't score it, and it doesn't work from archives, so discarding it seems bad.

22 Apr 2016 dashakan

It works during R&D digs late game, which is most runner's only chance at victory. As you point out, I cannot score it, so it is no worse in archives or anywhere else than any other 2 pointer, and better in R&D and HQ.

23 Apr 2016 junkmail

How do you even score with this deck? What's stopping the runner from dropping an employee strike for Bio-Ethics and Museums and just running anything you advance?

23 Apr 2016 EnderA

Have you considered upping Heritage Committee to 2x? It's so insanely strong with MCH. I would consider Interns or Diversified Portfolio to cut for it. Also, how much better is Turtlebacks than PAD Campaign? Having PAD out face-down for a turn is nice to keep them guessing on remote installs, and unconditional drip is nice for flexibility.

Regardless, this deck is what I'm really afraid of as a runner. The question is how far to go in teching vs it. So ironic that asset spam would become MORE prevalent after Whizzard started dominating the meta.

23 Apr 2016 dashakan

@junkmail You don't score agendas, unless you just install a Chronos and sneak it out for the effect. This is a pure kill deck. I did not score one point, even a Chronos, the entire tournament. The runner can trash the Bio-Ethics and Museums, but the other Museums will shuffle them in, or Jackson will and City Hall puts all the Museums back out in one turn. The runner cannot keep with that rate of trashing.

23 Apr 2016 dashakan

@EnderA We had PAD in at various stages during testing, and it is just always worse than Turtlebacks. Once you have money with this deck, you have it as it is only using the money for Psi games and Snares, or rezzing multiple ICE on a deep run late game. The diversified is very good as it helps you recover from Account Siphon or Vamp, or just to get up and rolling early. You typically only need to play it once per game, but if you need it again just shuffle it in and tutor it with Heritage.

As far as 2 Heritage, I have seen people trying this, and I don't really find it necessary. Playing Heritage once per turn is usually plenty, and a lot of times I only have 2 Museums going (one in the deck as an out if a Heritage looks bad) so I want to shuffle in Heritage + something else, not 2 Heritage. I doubt I would play 2 Heritage in many turns, and if I want to draw I will just Heritage, then click Jackson.

23 Apr 2016 Mechanoise

This is why I'm so excited for the Slums resource. Removes cards from the game while not triggering Hostile Infrastructure. I love IG, but it will die to that card.

24 Apr 2016 spags

Swapped Interns(shit) for Caprice. Despite my 'bad play', took 2nd in 58 person WI Regional. Never went to time.

Great deck.

24 Apr 2016 tbigfish

@spags All flat lines? Interns is good!

26 Apr 2016 cusegoyle

I'm a fairly new player who is basically playing older cards. Last night at a meetup I played against this. The other player warned me about it before hand but I said I wanted to play against him anyway just to see what it was all about. The game was the most boring game I've ever played. I saw one agenda he about about 20 remotes that all cost too much to trash. It was just me watching him play cards while I clicked for credits most turns so I could eventually make a run. Just awful to play against.

26 Apr 2016 EnderA

@cusegoyle I hear you. A lot of good decks are hard to deal with with a limited pool of cards, but IG biolock is arguably worse than Dumblefork to face, due to its specific intention of building up a massive board state to kill you. It's probably closest to DLR (Data Leak Reversal) in terms of interactivity.

There are a lot of cards that can help, but no single card will win you the matchup. Even with good countermeasures you'll need to correctly judge when to run archives, when/what to trash, and whether you want to try to win fast or win the attrition game.

Since winning the attrition game is probably harder to execute, I would suggest focusing on stealing agendas as fast as possible, which probably means focusing on pounding R&D. R&D Interface or Medium are good cards for that, and Film Critic will help you steal The Future Perfects. Beware Fetal AI, Snare!, and Shock!. Also note that they are unlikely to play any agendas other than Chronos Project.

26 Apr 2016 ren666

I don't mind playing against IG on Jnet, it's almost like a game of solitaire, solve the puzzle, how to crack the nut.

Most Shapers run at least 2x R&D Interface and 1 Film Critic. Bump that up to 2x Film Critic to have a chance. You NEED to snag those FP's and Fetal's. 1 or 2 Employee Strike is optional but helps a little too, play it on the turn you want to trash three key assets. ES is also just good against most corps in general, so it's not a wasted slot.

For Criminal, just slot the 1x Film Critic and a Hostage. The Hostage can also get PolOp or Kati if you have your Critic out.

That's it really, if you get Film Critic out, it's often a very quick win. At least from what I have played.

26 Apr 2016 pandaman64

oh. Yay. Another mumba/museum/asset spam deck. Never seen one of those. I can only imagine what tireless efforts were put into designing such an amazingly synergistic pile of cards.

28 May 2016 SkittlesSinistereo

In order to get some more speed for the kill / get trashed cards out of archive and into play faster, would it be advisable to run -2 chronos +2 house of knives and -1 cerebral static +1 interns? (considered -2+2 of the cerebral and interns, but feel like you still need something in there for whizz/noise)

11 Jun 2016 cmcadvanced

Put consulting trip in this