Jammy Sports (3-2 at Torino CO)

jan tuno 838

First CO of the Midnight Sun meta today! I predicted people wouldn't be in on the Runner to Beat (which is Padma imo) and many people would bring durdly decks, especially The Twinning anarchs. I figured a rush deck could be able to go fast enough to ignore them. The plan is simple: jam agendas fast, draw more, use Arella Salvatore to timewalk and go even faster, when runners are set up play the silly jammy game with all sorts of installables.

I was a bit torn between Sports and PD for this list. Krys (who spent a whole week playtesting everything IRL with me, what an angel) ended up with a PD twist on it.

Random thoughts and tips:

  • You can skip a lot of PAD Tap triggers by playing carefully. You can't slow down to trash them so be mindful of how you use Tranquility Home Grid and your ID.
  • Crims will often float a tag or more on IP Block! Sometimes a Predictive Planogram is better kept in your hand for a turn or two.
  • Because an agenda score gives you so much forward tempo, IAA a 3/2 or an Offworld Office when you're very low on credits (even going down to zero) is often a good play. It looks like an NGO and you're back to a comfortable credit total (by rush standard) when you score it next turn. And if you've played your cards right, you're already jamming again.
  • Aumakua is the worst thing that can happen to you. Remember you can use Red Level Clearance to purge and jam a Rashida, it's one of its best uses!

I'm happy with the list overall. The Crisium Grid is kinda hard to spare the money for and could maybe get cut, you could fit a 3rd Arella in at the cost of playing some crappy operatoins, you could maybe do +/- 1 ice.

31 Jul 2022 gilesdavis

I'm testing a similar list, I'm liking Jinja over the Tranqs, and 2x Bifurcation over a Vit. With Arella and Seamless there are a lot of ways to score a 2 pointer then install Bifurcation off Arella and score it on the same turn :)

31 Jul 2022 gilesdavis

Oh, NEXT Activation is pretty solid in this list too. Can get you 2 points through a Boat/Boomer/Botulus etc

1 Aug 2022 koga

get Noise'd 😎