Forcing the Hand - v3

Softman25 291

Please see Derived From for basic deck notes, and for the second version.

v3 comes after many games, most of which were losses against the same NBN FA w/ Muckraker and Data Raven featuring prominently. I just couldn't scum out a win. Had some success against a HB semi-glacier w/ Punitive. Although I fell into the Punitive once, it was worth it.

List of Changes:

Reasons for changes:

  • Firstly, to address the elephant in the room of a 46 card deck. I'm essentially playing the deck as if I was Gabe, but instead of taking cash, I expose. To this end, I've been tempted to throw in a Sneakdoor Beta or two, but it just has never fit. And for the record, no, it's not that terrible. Just play it like a standard runner instead of a 40 card deck and it's hunky dory.

  • Swapping out Quest Completed for R&D Interface allows for a little more versatility, and the potential for an RnD lock to win, instead of just scumming out a victory with HQ hits and money draining stall tactics. (Which whilst they don't get the game - are mostly hilarious)

  • The Supplier actually made his way back into my deck...and then exited again after more playtesting. The deck just has to play hyper-aggressively, only pausing to put cash on Kati Jones, and maybe Tri-maf Contact if going for a big play. For the most part, economy should be made off Compromised Employee, Calling in Favors and now, Account Siphon. Tags should be shed immediately, to avoid either Kati Jones getting pinched, or a Tri-maf Contact getting done in. Unless you have a Fall Guy or two out and the corp has no cash, then you can wait.

  • Raymond Flint is a certifiable badass in this deck. The ability to rez cards on the corp's turn is insane. If you're not sure whether something is an agenda or not, and Blackguard is out, Raymond Flint can act as constant threat. If a single advancement token goes down, you expose something, they have to rez it - and you hope that means they have no more money. Then you can do some combination of Parasite, Datasucker and Inside Job to steal. Also the bad pub accesses are alright.

  • Crescentus is there merely to be more annoying. You can also scum things on HQ - with the derez with Crescentus, into a force rez. Which hopefully is netting you money as well through Compromised Employee.

  • Data Dealer as a one of is there just for show really. For one pointers or Domestic Sleepers...or Shi Kyu, works wonders for an economy. Also helps getting the 11 for Blackguard.

Current Considerations for Addition

  • Something like Running Interference that really double screws the corp even further - especially considering I can make exposures during the run with Silhouette's natural ability or Raymond Flint. Alternatively, something like Snitch would also play into that.

  • Some of the economy being swapped out for Social Engineering. Problem is obviously influence, which is tight enough as is. But it would be a fun addition. It would also mean I could actually use some cards from the Lunar Cycle, which I haven't found use for yet in this deck!

  • Legwork. But I'd probably have to toss Emergency Shutdown or something like that for it, which doesn't work for me.

  • Recurring credits of some kind. Cyberfeeder maybe? Or Cloak? It would be nice to not be as reliant on cash after the Blackguard installation.

I still don't think this deck is ever going to be T1 competitive, but I'd still like to get it to the point of (mostly) functional. Right now, it's a bit eh.

Naturally, as always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

8 Nov 2014 moistloaf

I really like the use of Raymond Flint. I wish he was playable in more decks. I have tried Blackguard + Silhouette a few times, but the issue I always run into is the install cost of Blackguard. As you say, Silhouette, and Criminals in general, want to start aggressive and stay aggressive, and I always found it difficult to work towards a Blackguard install while maintaining pressure. Moreover, after the Blackguard install, the tempo hit forced me to lay off pressure while I recovered, economically. How do you deal with/avoid these issues? Account Siphon helps a bit with installing Blackguard I suppose.

8 Nov 2014 Softman25

@moistloafHonestly haven't played a game with the Siphon yet, so I'll report back when that does occur.

My general plan for Blackguard hitting the field is to get Kati Jones turn 1 or 2 either just playing her out, or through Hostage (One reason for 3x Hostage). Then, play a slightly more passive game, just taking credits or making a solitary run every turn, gather maybe 15-18 credits, then drop Blackguard and away you go, full steam ahead. Also have a Calling in Favors in hand helps, because at this point in the game, you probably have 4-7 connections out, let's assume 5.

Assuming you have 0 credits and 15 on Kati, your turn then plays Kati (15) > Blackguard (4) > Calling in Favors (9) > Tri-maf Contact (11).

11 credits is generally enough to keep you going for a while, at least generally. You can hit the Tri-maf Contact more for extra bucks, to get your breakers out, or just to get more Parasites out or something, and the game progresses as normal therein.

9 Nov 2014 Softman25

Reporting back on a game with Siphon, it works pretty well.

Although I played a Medtech who just advanced out 6 points on a remote with Enigma in front (blugh) I was able to get a full rig out by turn 6-7 - which is really good. A combination of Kati, 2 Compromised and a Siphon let me get the cash, and it worked really well. Needs further (further) testing, but looking better right now!

Going to maybe make an alternate version of this deck with the same breakers and the same hardware, but with event economy (and Prepaid VoicePAD) instead of resource / connection economy - see how that works.