12 Strength Surveyor - 0 cr install cost (1st Esslingen CO)

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Shuffle the agendas away early game and build up the remote. The game plan is to ICE the only the remote and R&D heavily (except vs Crim).

To skip the install costs of the ICE on the main remote, you can use A Teias ability. Install Vovô Ozetti or Adrian Seis in the secondary remote and you get an credit free ICE install on the main remote. Those two upgrades can than be rezzed and moved at the end of turn to the main remote.

The Same cost saveing can be done with the following cards as well, just without the moving to the main remote: NGO Front, Spin, Mavirus, Hybrid Release and often Regolith Mining License. The second remote usually doesn't get ICEed. But in the late game an ICE install can also be used to get an free install on the main remote. So I usually end up with a remote with 6 ICE.


Usually one Surveyor can be hushed on the remote. But two are usually solid and often the runner goes tag-me in the end game. I focus mainly on ICE with high strength. Ivik is really expensive, but at least before the rise of Bran many runners were unprepared for a strength 5 Barrier.

My last minute include was Rime and it really shined. Bringing Anansi and Attini to 6 strength makes Echelon and Buzzsaw decks pretty sad and also boosts the Surveyor.

Konjin is here to let the runner encounter the strength 12 Surveyor until then more likely an Anansi

Vovo Ozetti

Vovô Ozetti is such a good card here. It let you rezz Tatu-Bola for 0 and Surveyor for 3. So the remote is really cheap to rezz. People often used pinhole to trash my Adrian Seis, but often I was more afraid of the Vovô Ozetti getting trashed.

4 Sep 2023 Shorty

Geiler S(ch)eis!

16 Sep 2023 easterncalculus

I’ve had a lot of fun with this list playing casually with my local netrunner group - thanks so much for sharing it! I published an edit with a few cards swaps if you are interested: The Mint Must Flow