Scotch and Wine

kata124 419

Iain has had a little bit too much to drink! He's failing his runs on purpose to get tagged and letting the corp score away. What are you doing Iain?

The goal of the deck is to set up a board where you do the following each turn:
Click 1 run a server, facecheck with Snitch then jack out and take a tag from John Masanori.
Click 2 and 3 mill cards with Data Leak Reversal.
Click 4 remove tag with Crash Space.

The way to win is either by milling the corp, accessing archives with Hades Shard, or using Crypsis with tons of money (last resort). Note that Hades Shard can and should be used twice with Déjà Vu.

In case you hadn't noticed, this is a janky deck. It's also not very interactive. Get ready to irritate lots of players and lose lots of games.

More on the cards:
- Iain Stirling: Retired Spook as well as Au Revoir are going to net you tons of credits.
- Early Bird gets you an extra mill for 1 credit on certain turns.
- Feint helps you install Data Leak and Hades Shard if need be.
- Hostage is mainly for getting John out ASAP but later can help get The Source and The Supplier.
- Logos should always be used to tutor Hades Shard and then Deja Vu. The extra hand size is great too.
- Earthrise Hotel lets you draw a few extra cards without spending clicks so you can focus on milling.
- The Source paired with Fall Guy stalls the corp.

Merry Jankmas!

23 Dec 2014 BTrain

I'm getting drunk just looking at this.

23 Dec 2014 pbrand

Iain had too much egg nog and Southern Comfort.

23 Dec 2014 vampire0

If you swap Crash Space for NACH, you can make 2-3 credits a turn from Au Revoir runs to cover its cost and then mill 3. If the Corp is dumb and scores early you can use the 2 from Iain to power NACH and mill 3 cards and turn a profit each turn.

23 Dec 2014 romanoSoprano

NACH prevents tags so it wouldn't fulfill the role of Crash Space here - you need the tag for DLR to be active.

24 Dec 2014 vampire0

Duh... Ok. I was just wracking my brain for some way to mill more than two cards a turn... Seems way too slow to secure a win.

24 Dec 2014 moistloaf

afaik this deck did this combo first:

that said, there are some interesting choices here. I like the idea of Early Bird.

After several games with my own version of DLR Solitaire Andy, I must say that Feint is never worthwhile. You mulligan aggressively for DLR instead.

IMO, anything that isn't contributing to you setting up your combo ASAP isn't worth running. I also think for this reason, Andy does this combo the best of anyone; in fact, I'd consider it the only ID to consider attempting this combo. Even in Andy, you need Diesel and Quality Time to be able to reliably set up within 3 or 4 turns. 4 turns should be your worst case scenario.

Once the combo is set up, you can either commit to the combo, or commit to Crypsis. If you're not committing to the combo, you're better off playing another deck. For this reason, I think Crypsis is a poor choice. Inside Job is a better card for threatening remotes once the Corp realizes what you're up to and tries to sneak Agenda through behind single ICE.

just some of my own thoughts; I need to start testing this more now that Source is rezzed on OCTGN. Before I had to rely on opponents who were cool with Copycat proxying for Au Revoir :)