Jemison Hunter Seeker Division (GNK#1@Poznań)

g4rr3t 62

Clone of the Rig Wrecker (its awesome, you should check it out), which set me on #1 place during Poznań GNK. With small changes, in form of:

Removed all Divested Trust. I had problem of regularly being flooded with Agendas. Instead of 3xDT i put 1xArmed Intimidation;

Removed all the Rototurrets. I respect its flavour text, and ETR sub, but cuts in inf. needed to be done, and so it went away, replaced by the all mighty Cobra;

Added 2 June Bugs, which are just amazing in Jemison;

great scott

11 Aug 2019 @Bookkeeper

A Junebug or a Snare!

Here and there

Is never a bad option

Congrats on your performance!

And +1 to Rig Wrecker hype ;)

11 Aug 2019 g4rr3t

Thnx @@Bookkeeper! The last game, played against u was the hardest one - constantly flooded with agendas, no ice or whatsoever. The june-bug bluff was worth its price. Your Maximum Funk Rock deck had been really tough. I respect it very much.