RvdH’s stock Argus (14-3)

RvdH83 686

This is the update to my deck that I took second place with at Dutch nats. In 4 tournaments this deck went 14-3, losing only to a Smoke, a Nexus 419 and a Rube Goldberg Hayley. Including variations I went 24-6 with it in 6 tournaments.

I just like having decks that have multiple outs and this Argus deck just fits that bill pretty well. It can go crazy fast, and can win by scoring out or kill if you force runners into running when you're at matchpoint. The deck is flexible, can tag the runner when they didn't expect it and can win even when you're behind in points. Even small runner mistakes can be lethal.


NISEI rotation, MWL 3.0 and MWL3.1 have had no direct impact on the deck.

Card choices:

Biggest challenge for the deck is usually bad publicity if the game goes long since you cannot really tax the runner anymore. And to some extend Aumakua since the number of end the run ice you have is fairly low and there is no real AI punishment.