Dark Fate - 2nd, 5th, 8th @ UK Nats 2023

binarydogs 182

In this corp favoured meta you're truly spoilt for choice, but once we started testing this monster I don't think anything else really came close to consideration for the main event. A modification to Pinsel's already excellent Kanehl R+, we threw out the Biotic, made some tweaks to the ice suite and brought in a couple of B-1001 and the Void. During testing the additional board pressure worked wonders, stretching runners even further and providing us with multiple ways to protect and score the first Cryptocrash. From here there were few further tweaks made, other than swapping the single Oracle for an ARES and adding some Regolith's.

I'm not going to dip into actually piloting the deck, as often I feel like it's flying itself. My recommendation would be to simply pick the deck up and play a few games. A lot of the scoring lines emerge for you during the game and if you still want a little more guidance I'm sure any of the Process will be more than happy to oblige. I'll also try to avoid a blow by blow of my games during swiss and the cut, other than to say each of my opponents played extremely well and were all extremely lovely.

The second half of this write-up is just going to be a long list of thanks, and gushing about how great you all are. UK Nats in Sheffield has been an absolutely great time every single year I've attended, but I really think this one stands out to me for the sheer amount of lovely people I met for the first time. UK scene you are a generous, polite, extremely funny, beautiful bunch of people. Spending time with you once a year is simply not enough. For all your kinds words and encouragement during swiss and the cut I am ever thankful.

To my Process family, I treasure you all and count myself extremely lucky that I have such an incredible group of people with which to share this amazing hobby. Spending time with you all has made me a far better person. Chilling on the sofa Saturday evening watching Terminator: Dark Fate while you were all in stitches over the Skorpios game was a particular highlight of my weekend.

Well deserved congratulations to Pat, a truly great performance all weekend.

Finally thank you to:

  • TO - paulyg (Paul)
  • Head Judge - dreadmaaw (Lewis)
  • Judge team - cobalt (James), steffmonkey (Steff), harmonbee (Finnbar)
  • Results - shanodin (Ali)
  • Stream and general planning and help - Johno (John), vinegarymink (Alex), Adam P, RoRo (Ronan), tolaasin (Russell)
  • Classiques - nemamiah (Chris), mcg (Mark), Mike P
  • Prizes - participation prize art by Shipment of Headcrabs (Owen) and production / organising by mcg (Mark), winner deckbox handcrafted by tolaasin (Russell)
  • Patriot staff - Jim, Salliee, Sean, Michael, Zack, Becca.

I'm dedicating this decklist to you specifically. You are the true keystone of these weekends. Sacrificing your own time and often chance to play and compete so that the rest of us can, should never be understated. I never feel like I can express my gratitude enough to you all, so again thank you, you're all heroes.

14 Nov 2023 shanodin

Big love John. You worked hard and anyone would be incredibly proud to reach the heights you have.

17 Nov 2023 ThePatrician

As an R+ Uber enjoyer, I appreciate this list 😁.