Firestarting IcarEsâ

Terje 535

we flew too close to the sun

This is a slight iteration on the Anteater deck (-1 Running Hot, +1 Light the Fire) which I had been playing in the runup to Worlds, so mad props to the Norwich crew for helping me finally find a new Anarch deck I enjoy.

It was technically undefeated in the team tourney (I played two rounds on it and won both games) annd performed really well for me on Saturday where I only dropped two runner games, which were both to Ob. These losses were at least partially due to lack of practice against the ID. Just how do they have so many ways of murdering you? I finished the day on 7-5 and then it all came crashing down on Sunday when I got swept twice and ID'd once for coffee.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been covered in the original decks writeup by better players than me.

Big love to all my opponents and everyone else I met at worlds, was so nice to be at a big tournament again. And massive props to NSG for putting on a hell of an event.

17 Oct 2023 Cliquil

What made you go with shibboleth over buzzsaw?

17 Oct 2023 Terje

@CliquilThe decision was made by the builders of the original deck and I tinkered with the suite a bit but kept coming back to the original as it costing 3 total credits to install is key for being able to get the breakers installed asap when you draw them in order to avoid losing them to damage. You wanna use them as little as possible anyways and lean hard on Botulus, Boomerang and Bankhar.

17 Oct 2023 Fridan

One of the key considerations for the Anteater build was having breakers you can install as soon as you see them without taking a significant tempo hit, so you can maintain aggression with Bankhar and take core damage when needed. We also tend to keep the game below threat 4 for a long time so Shibboleth was an ideal fit.

17 Oct 2023 Kikai

I couldn't stop smiling when I saw that we were paired. Great games, and a great way to start the day.