Spicy precise Ganked! 2-1 (6th at Startup)

Xtreme 152

This is the deck I took to my first startup tournament hosted by Ysengrid! Huge shoutout to you for both streaming, playing and TO this tournament. This deck went 2-1, and only lost to a heavy virus program Reina Deck, that had an iron grip in the whole game.

I'm not a fan of meta-defined decks, but rather enjoying some uncommon combos to spicy things up, and my favorite combo at the moment is Ganked! into Tyr.

The choice on HB: Precision design were because of the +1 hand size and the possibility to get a card from archive into HQ when scoring an agenda.

I chose to use La Costa Grid together with Seamless Launch in order to score a 4/2 agenda without advancing previous turn and still have a click left. That way you can bluff a Ganked! on them if they decide to run and if they don't, then you have the Ganked! already in the scoring server for next turn. Manegram Skunkworks help draining the runner for clicks and credits, making the Ganked!-Tyr combo more efficient if they actually breaches the server.

Magnet, Hagen and Ansel 1.0 are there to trash or annihilate hosted virus or other programs like Conduit, and Ganked! helps here if the runner breaches HQ or R&D without any credit left.

Sprint and Spin Doctor does mainly the same things for this deck, but works so well together to help prevent floading or to kickstart the combos.

I really enjoyed this deck, and I think Ganked! is a card that deserves more attentions, since it punish the runner during a run and not after they have scored an Agenda.

Looking forward to built on this Precision Design deck, and would love to hear the feedback.