Hellion Beta Rush

Lttlefoot 1285

This uses Commercial Bankers to get the runner to meet the requirements of Hellion Beta Test and Hard Hitting News, which you can search for with Consulting Visit, and use your initial credit advantage to win the traces. This sets things up to flatline the runner with Boom. Or you can stick with the usual Weyland snowball - score agendas to get more credits, use credits to rez ice, use ice to score more agendas.

25 Oct 2016 killj0y

I'm seeing a lot of potential bad pub in this deck and not a lot that works with it or gets rid of it. You could wind up with as much as 5 bad pub which is a huge credit swing for the runner. Also given you are naming the deck hellion beta rush why only 1 hellion? You've got less than a 10% chance of pulling an atlas or the hellion in your opening hand and given that you want to have the commercial bankers and not much else to have it trigger that's a wide setup requirement.

I'm also looking askance at your ice selection. Lots of ETR but not a lot else. With only 1x assassin and cobra your 2x wormholes are at best just slightly bigger fire walls. Chimera is a nice gear check early on but isn't really strong enough to sit protect anything worthwhile and you've got three of them. If you need the gear check changeling or chimera but hardly both.

Your econ looks solid.

You have 6 tutors in here to look for the parts of the package you need, I think largely because you can get them without influence and adding more hellions, midseasons and news would be impossible in GRNDL. I can see that but it begs the question of if this wouldn't be better off in a 45/15 ID so you could at least add another hellion and another HHN.