Nixon Speedrun w/Midseaons - 7th place Warsaw Regionals

Gargulec 464

This is a variant of a deck I have posted on this site as Nixon Speedrun. Before taking it to the Warsaw Regionals, I've slightly changed ICE composition and added in Midseason Replacements for additional kill threats. Sadly, in the very lean-and-mean meta of the tournament, the deck floundered and performed below expectations.

Tournament report:


Round 1 against Romano Soprano (ParaSifr Haley): Bad matchup. Rushed out one Graft before Parasite recursion crippled my ability to score anything. Film Critic prevented other win conditions.

Round 2 against Ojciec (Alice): Managed to get a money lead early, the runner unfortunately accessed Government Contracts from open RnD and got Punitive Counterstruck to death turn 3 or 4.

Round 3 against Selverin (Keyhole Whizzard): Was lucky to avoid having any high-point agendas Keyholed and get ICE rezzed before Siphon-spam commenced. Almost lost the game due to not tutoring for Beanstalk Royalties to have sure money to BOOM! the tag-floating Whizz, but by some miracle managed to tax him out on RnD enough to push out three Grafts through a remote. At the end of the game, managed to dodge three HQ runs while holding a Government Contracts. A lot of luck was had that game.

Round 4 against Rush (MOpus MaxX): Terrible matchup. Scored 4 points before Vamp managed to lock me out from doing anything else. Also misplayed. Instead of trying to rush Grafts, I should have just gone for a power GT score early, threatening a kill.

Round 5 against Jander (PrePaid Kate): as we both had enough points to make Top 8 in case of a draw, we agreed to take an ID.

Top Cut

Game 1 against Rush (MOpus MaxX): Situation from the previous day repeated itself, only this time I got locked out even harder. I must say that I really adore this version of MaxX, and I probably should pick her up as my next runner deck. After this loss I was relegated to to loser's bracket and there eliminated. Still, I'm going to take ending up 7th and be glad with it.

5 Aug 2017 Akira.Chisaka

I really liked the deck. However, I'm also really worried about not having any Jackson Howards...

Consider -2 Rototurret +2 Jackson Howard?