Mordeqai 1793




You guys know what I'm about at this point. I'm about winning this game by scoring as few points and crackin' as many skulls as possible. This deck went undefeated at the Red Raccoon Store Championship, landing me 1st place, and only dropped one game at my 2nd place finish at Gopher Mafia Games. This is a powerful and robust deck with many outs, and is an obvious evolution of my previous Dead Space lists. We, of course, have a notable addition since last time: U R B A N R E N E W A L. Now permitting us an entirely new wincon reminiscent to the horrors of IG Ethics, the deck's winrate easily went up 15% upon release. It crunches the runners time in an unreal manner, and timing them to go off the same turn for 8 meat damage is very attainable with Executive Boot Camp and Whampoa Reclamation. Even without the kill potential, comboing this with Blacklist slowly turns the runners entire stack to their heap.

So let's jump in and view the whole deck:

The Wincons:

The Tricks:


Other Card Choices:
  • SSL Endorsement: The newest addition to the agenda suite. They do things now! I will very often sacrifice one of these to the runner for the 9 credit advantage, especially once Sandburg is out.

  • Best Defense allows you to lock the runner out by trashing their fracters after a Zealous lock. This is especially useful when the runner can survive multiple B O O M S! Also wipes Tapwrm and Misdirection more easily.

  • Enforcing Loyalty fills a similar role, but also permits you to trash often splashed power cards like Maw, Paperclip (See below), and Beth.

  • Blacklist: Sleeper MVP. Combined with Enforcing Loyalty, U R B A N R E N E W A L, and Best Defense, this single 1-influence card can completely shut a runner down by locking things out of SoT, or breaker-locking them by nullifying Paperclip.

  • Illegal Arms Factory: Just keep a Mills on the board and laugh when the runner loses 7 credits on this. Helps to fuel Whampoa Reclamation while maintaining cards in HQ.

  • Executive Boot Camp allows you to tutor the important pieces of your deck, and can be combined same turn with Whampoa in place of Shannon to bring things out of Archives. Also shuts down Indexing and Find the Truth, which is always a plus.

  • Tithonium: Rez w/ Sandburg, EZ game.

  • Hortum helps lockout against AI.

Troublesome Runners, and How to Deal:

Whizzard is dead so short section. Elizabeth Mills to kill Val. Enforcing Loyalty/Blacklist to kill Titanium Ribs to kill these stupid MaxX decks. Consulting/Paywall Implementation to kill Hacktivist. Everyone else just keep truckin'.


S P A C E C O W B O Y tumblr_op9hoeoov81wob4kuo1_500.gif

19 Feb 2018 PyWiz

Sweet list, I've been testing out something similar but overlooked some cool includes. Enforcing Loyalty for Maw sounds excellent.

One thing I go back and forth on: have you tried Contract Killer? It's another possible win con with Urban Renewal and it can get rid of some troublesome runner cards (notably Beth and Pol Op). That said, usually the other win cons are enough and with Loyalty for Beth et. al. maybe it's not worth the slot.

20 Feb 2018 MikeJS

I had to favourite this. The deck, the write-up, the whole thing is great. At the same time, the more favourites this gets, the more likely it is that I'm going to play against it on J-net.

Congrats on the finishes!

20 Feb 2018 cursor

The longer I play this game, the more I start to like your decks. Perhaps, eventually, we are all Mordeqai.

20 Feb 2018 dormio

I hate so much about the things you choose to be.

21 Feb 2018 Space Cowboy

You rang?

21 Feb 2018 Space Cowboy

You rang?

21 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

There is nothing quite like the soul-sucking feeling of despair and hopelessness that I endure when I play against one of your decks or worse yet, you piloting one of your decks.

21 Feb 2018 bracketbot

What is the plan now that Whampoa is restricted?

21 Feb 2018 Mordeqai

@PyWiz Contract Killer was in the original list, but I oddly never got the opportunity to use him when I wouldn't have just won normally. It's good, but I didn't get it to work consistently.

@cursor We are all become Mordeqai!

@BizTheDad @dormio:D

@bracketbot -2 Museum, -1 Chronos, -2 other cards, probably NASX and an ICE. Whampoa is just far superior to Museum at this point.

22 Feb 2018 stone37

This deck is too strong, there's no way to beat it!

24 Feb 2018 zmb

of course you can beat it. It just takes a sh*tload of silverbullets to counter his silver bullets...which just isn't very fun to play. Play Scrubber, Maw, Salsette Slums, Hacktivist Meeting, Bhagat or Rumor Mill

1 Mar 2018 Pirsig

I've been using this with -2 Museum for +2 Forced Connection to meet the MWL requirements and it seems to be working quite well thus far. It serves as another good way to get tags out to get judge up or allow Boom/All Seeing

2 Mar 2018 Kingleil

FYI, the Tumblr GIFs you linked are not loading anymore bc Tumblr won't allow for that. You'll have to download them and host them some place else for them to load up. Great deck list.

5 Mar 2018 HyenaMars

@zmb AKA Anarch goodstuffs.... Man seeing this decks really REALLY makes me wanna play Infinite Imp/ Friday Chip

14 Mar 2018 postis

I've been enjoying this a lot! But, somewhat ironically, I'm not entirely sure if Urban Renewal is actually that important a component of the deck. I've been contemplating dropping a few copies of it to bring in other tools that contribute more directly to the tag & bag plan. Am I missing something here? I can see its utility in provoking runs when you are ready to trace them but they refuse to move their butt, but in that case you can always go for a score as well.

28 Mar 2018 prozz

any suggestions on how to fix this deck so its legal now?

28 Mar 2018 postis

-2 museum +2 connection like Pirsig suggests above is an easy way. For some shameless self-promotion, here's my version that I took to a recent SC: netrunnerdb.com