The Magnificent Money Making Machine

Cannister 471


▶UPDATE◀ We featured the decklist on this week's in person livestream - it did very well across 4 games and two pilots. Here's a link to the stream.

This deck is the first one I've ever made that upon playing it felt like it was operated like a Swiss clock.

The central (heh) conceit of this deck is to use Asmund Pudlat to fetch an early Turtle + Leech combo, or if either of those are already in hand or installed, then to fetch Conduit and get set up for some bomb runs before the corp can defend their centrals.

Ideally with Knobkierie and Contaminate and a small nest egg set up, you start your turn by pulling Conduit from Asmund, installing it, Contaminating, and running R&D, hitting Conduit with Knobkierie's extra virus token, accessing 5 cards from R&D, and then either using Zahya's ability to gain 5 credits, or do it again 4th click to access 6 cards and get 6 credits.

Initial testing proved that purging was a problem after this big blast of virus tokens, as the non-turtle breaker suite is fairly costly to use. Enter Acacia.

If at some point during your setup you've managed to install an Acacia (or heaven forbid two), the Corp is in such a bad spot by the time they need to purge your Conduit, often giving you 10+ credits between Aumakua, Leech, Conduit, and sometimes Tranquilizer's virus tokens.

The deck has minimal HQ pressure but it does have access to 2 Jailbreaks which hopefully are augmented by Docklands Pass before too long (or when it matters).

Sometimes Conduit isn't necessary as Contaminate or Falsified are enough to reboot your turtle and you can just play honest Netrunner with good small-multi-access runs with Jailbreak and Remote runs. It's been my experience that most corps spend a fair amount of resources buttoning up centrals and tend to struggle to score unless their doing it out of hand, so camping HQ for those built up agendas works great.

2x Career Fairs ideally help to install an early Class Act and then a Daily Cast. Card draw is the biggest issue with the deck, thus the 3x Class Act. One could consider swapping the third Class Act, a Career Fair, Falsified, or Daily Casts for more a copy of Earthrise Hotel. Clicking to draw (usually first click) each turn with The Class Act has proven a pretty good option

Tranquilizer is another target for the 2nd Asmund once you identify the ice giving you the biggest issues on the board. It also generates viruses at a steady rate for Acacia.

The Bankroll is intended to be used early to generate setup money and to be used to install the Knobkierie (or Conduit).

One copy of Networking has been enough to deal with R+ and Oppo in such a small deck. If it gets stuck at the bottom you'll have to play honest netrunner against Tagging decks, but once it's in hand it's usually not going anywhere against decks where you care about tags.

13 Oct 2023 revengeanceful

This deck looks so sweet. Any particularly troublesome matchups you’ve come across?

13 Oct 2023 Cannister

@revengeanceful thanks! Anything that is very heavy glacier will be problematic but not unbeatable - Tranquilizer is there to hopefully help that match up a bit.

It does seem like decks with lots of traps may be a problem - accessing multiple Snares or Beholds could end a game quickly.

13 Oct 2023 cmur2

I really like the idea of it, thanks so much for sharing!

13 Oct 2023 Anthony noel


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18 Oct 2023 Lordpitcher

Hola! Enjoyed some matches in paper with this deck! ty for sharing! gracias.

18 Oct 2023 Cannister

@LordpitcherI'm very glad you enjoyed playing it! De Nada!

20 Oct 2023 m.p

I had an idea about a zahya deck with conduit... I completely forgot something like "knobkierie" or "acacia" is something i could splash, so i instead splashed for breakers :P