1st Place GNK Cologne "Playset" Tenma

JackMade 2957

Cool Deck. Went 4-0. I like Ken.

3 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

Cool deck. I might give it a try.

I noticed your using 3x Aaron when a lot of decks are on 2x - is your thinking just that you want Aaron as early as possible to launch into the game with a full value siphon?

3 Apr 2017 k.art

If you get Aaron one Agenda earlier, you can draw 2 more cards and remove 2 more tags. Drawing 2 is like the other 2 Aarons wouldn't be in your deck (theoretically) but you can remove 2 tags for free -> value. I agree with 3 Aarons, especially now where people trying MCA Informant.

3 Apr 2017 JackMade

Triple Aaron is good for the same reason triple Desperado is good. The earlier you get him the better. The MCA Informant issue is just icing on the cake.

Right now, i would swap out Vamadeva for a thirds Sneakdoor Beta as well. And perhaps try to fit Sure Gambles into the deck. But that is actually quite hard.

10 Apr 2017 aero

Why the Vamadeva include?

10 Apr 2017 JackMade

@aero Vamadeva breaks a lot of ICE cheaply in matchups where you have to go fast, for example Weyland Rush decks or several CI variants. It is also an out for Mother Goddess or Excalibur. That said, it is not necessary though and i rarely used it.

11 Apr 2017 aero

This deck rules. It's so much fun to pilot. I think I like Gingerbread over Vamadeva for sure, it's killer against all the many tracers on the market today.