The Oracle Express

rumirumirumirumi 238

Latest version of the Ken May deck I've been playing since H&P brought the core of the deck. Networking is the biggest change in this version as a way to fight off Sync (which is dominating my post-MWL meta). 2 Oracle May + 3 Hostage + 6 draw cards means you've got a +85% chance of getting Oracle May turn 1. Pull programs and SOTs out of the deck as soon as convenient to keep the May ability firing.

7 Jan 2016 oconnor0

Do you have a plan for the 24/7 Breaking News kill?

8 Jan 2016 rumirumirumirumi

No, nothing against that. I don't think there are events that can adequately deal with that (maybe Wanton Destruction or I've Had Worse, but their influence costs would make them difficult to use properly). Your best bet is probably to keep them poor from Account Siphon and run constantly to keep them from getting BN in hand, but that's a pretty poor plan.

8 Jan 2016 AsteriskCGY


8 Jan 2016 rumirumirumirumi

I guess Leverage could work, but it has the weakness of giving the Corp the choice of damage or bad pub. If they're going to kill you next turn, they'll let you have the bad pub. And unless you have some way of disrupting the kill or winning during your next turn, they have the luxury of waiting a turn to fire off the 24/7. I don't think it'd be very effective kill protection.

8 Jan 2016 Friff14

How often do you find you're using the Levy? I took Levy out of my other deck because I've only been through the deck all the way once, and that's enough influence for another stimhack and another maker's eye.

8 Jan 2016 gidluci

i think Utopia Shard could kill the 24/7 combo since u may make them discard Scorched Earth

8 Jan 2016 rumirumirumirumi

Levy has gone back and forth for me. Getting the extra Maker's Eye would be great, but the Levy has been crucial in a few games that have gone completely wrong. It's a safety card, so you could definitely pull it for more multiaccess.

Utopia Shard could work, I'd probably cut 1 or both of the SOTs to keep the non-event cars to a minimum.

9 Jan 2016 CobraBubbles

Has Running Interference really been worth it for you? It always seems too expensive to me, even in Ken. I'd consider swapping it for a Planned Assault. Also maybe Gordian could become Zu.13 to free up an influence? I'd spend it on either Utopia Shard or another Stimhack (so good in Ken!!)

9 Jan 2016 rumirumirumirumi

Running Interference is definitely the most flexible slot. It's been useful for contesting remotes if drawing for breakers doesn't go very quickly, but it could easily be replaced by something like Emergency Shutdown. I'm not a fan of Planned Assault, especially if the cost of Running Interference is too much.

Gordian vs. Zul is a long-standing struggle in this deck. I go back and forth with them. Since this deck wants to run a lot, Gordian trends to pay for itself very quickly and it's better over the long haul. But Zul is cheap and only 1 credit worse per ice. Now that Yog's been nerfed you might be seeing more 2-4 strength code gates, which makes Gordian better, but that influence is pretty flexible.

9 Jan 2016 manveruppd

Why no motivation?

9 Jan 2016 rumirumirumirumi

The deck doesn't really need or want Motivation. It wants to get Oracle May out immediately and start calling "Event" every time. Motivation has a pretty serious defect in that you need to have it and May out at the same time, and you can't safely use May until you do. With May being the primary econ engine here, you need it online ASAP and it's not an insurmountable problem on the off-chance of losing a breaker.

10 Jan 2016 gidluci

i think the only problem of this deck is Marcus Batty with trash program ICE

11 Jan 2016 Elstyr

Hey! I just published my newest update on this deck. Would love to hear what you think!