Chop Chop Apex

M0H4WK 129

Alright. I played Pitchfork hayley for a while and I liked it. But then I noticed a variant here with Endless hunger and I fell in love with the breaker. It seems so strong but hard to setup. So I started to look into Apex and realized i like the theme (who doesn't like a Virus running (!) rampant in the digital world?) as well as the mecanics. So I followed the thread on Stimhack and noticed that Apex had a few problems.

--> Money. He doesn't have a lot of money. He can't afford to trash lots of assets and setup.

--> Endless Hunger. The breaker in itself is a problem because there are alot of ice he can't break with this.

--> Hardly any resources to live with. You can't use kati, aesops, ... And that seems like a problem.

--> Apocalyps This turns your cards upside down. How can you use breakers to garantee the apocalyps and then turn them face down and still expect to do well?


First off, I don't think he's bad. Listen up. In Apex you seem to have 2 directions. 1) Run with a disposable rig and apocalyps. 2) Setup and don't apocalyps and get a strong endgame with E3 Feedback Implants. Everywhere i read about Apex they say it's or or. But what if you have the ability to choose what to do? You always need cards to install facedown to use the console, icebreakers,... So have a few cards that are matchupdependant is great! You can install them and get some benefits from them! Ok, but what to use when?

AGAINST GLACIERS: use Blackmail for the scoring server (with the Corporate Scandal) and Endless hunger for the centrals. They can't score with the thread of blackmail around.

AGAINST HORIZONTAL DECKS: Try to set up an Apocalypse with Blackmails. No Breaker needed. That's the fun part with Apex. If you want to get in, you will.

Ok, but how do I get the cards that I need? Well, do you know the Chop Bot? That's really the magic machine of Apex. Your id let's you install a card you don't need in your hand facedown. Your turn starts and then you can chop it to draw another. That's a free draw! Very good, but can it go better? YES! If you have an Wasteland installed, it gives you even a credit to blackmail! But, how do you get cards facedown to use with Endless hunger then?

Here's the magic trick. If you read Wasteland very closely, it says you gain a credit the first time you trash one of your cards EVERY turn. Chop bot does it on your turn, so what do we trigger on the corps turn? Well, if you look at Apex' cardpool, you'll notice Hunting Grounds is the only one that triggers on the corps turn. So you can trigger it before your turn, install the first 3 cards from your stack, gain credits from the wastelands! Very Good! But, I see you play levy and probably want to use it? Don't you risk trashing it? Well, enter Rolodex. Install to put the cards you don't want on top, the one you want in 4th place and the other on 5. When your opponent's turn begins, trigger wasteland, gain money, have cards installed you didn't need anyway, your turn, install a other card if possible, trash one with Chop Chop, gain credits again and draw the card you wanted ! It takes a time to setup but, before your turn you can go from zero to 6 creds, have 1 of the 5 cards you wanted straight in your hand and 3 more cards facedown. That sounds very nice, all for 0 clicks and creds!

Owkay, but You don't have multi-access. That's bad! True, but Remember the almighty Turning wheel that's coming? That will fix it.

Endless hunger+E3+ABR get's you through a lot of ice, the others you can prey.

Note to the future: ABR is nice in some matchups, but i use it less and less.

Thoughts can be put down here. There is a lot that can be improved about this deck (and Apex) but if you try it, you will find a challenge. And no, he isn't bad. He is just so different from any other runner, you will have to change your mindset about running. What hurts other people alot, doesn't hurt you, but the reverse is also true.

26 Mar 2016 Dhutchin

I really like the idea of Chop bot in APEX! Getting free draw is a great way to recover from Apocalypse faster than the Corp

26 Mar 2016 Teslatrooper

I like apex, and your idea is neat. I'm gonna give it a whirl and see.

27 Mar 2016 x3r0h0ur

I've played a lot of apex, and unfortunately some corp players are hip to the game. You'll need to be able to win faster after the apocalypse, so Keyhole or medium are kinda essential. I ran siphon and medium trying to keep the corp poor or unable to defend themselves sufficiently post apoc, and this can help enable it. I might revist this with the blackmail game.

27 Mar 2016 cspieker

What's the purpose of Street Magic? Would maybe +1 Chop Bot, +1 Rolodex be better?

6 Apr 2016 wozzit

Street Magic will let him break ETR using Endless Hunger - then other subroutines using E3 Implants. Nice idea.

6 Apr 2016 Dhutchin

You can do that anyway though. You don't need to break subroutines in encounter order

6 Apr 2016 wozzit

Yet another clarification for me.. thanks!