Grappling For Days

neoreadinggrid 267

Featured on episode 1 of the Dead Channel podcast

21 May 2016 tonybluehose

Hey, good work on episode zero! look forward to hearing more from ya!

22 May 2016 moistloaf

very interesting combination!

22 May 2016 ANRguybrush

great idea.

23 May 2016 tonybluehose

I've taken this for a spin a handful of times on and it's be a lot of fun; so much so that I'm probably going to bring it to my next GNK and see how it does.

There's a few things that I've tweaked (namely the econ), but the recursion and e3 + Grappling + Vamadeva has worked well.

Things of note: 1. This has been a "pick your spots" kind of deck; when you run, you'll be able to get in, but not multiple times. 2. I'd drop a clone chip and add Lucky Find and maybe an Emergency Shutdown for an Easy Mark; you don't need a lot of money, but there are times where I felt like this deck ran too poor.

Overall, this has been really fun!

26 May 2016 imrahil

@tonybluehose yeah we realise the econ was way off. If you listen to episode 1 of the podcast which is live as of today, you can hear us build the deck live. And then discuss how we need to change the econ.

26 May 2016 ANRguybrush

So I build this deck and tested it and I came to the realization that Vamadeva is incredibly inefficient against most NBN ice(archangel, wraparound,gutenberg, tollbooth and resistor if you eat enough tags).

Unfortunalty this is also the matchup in which grappling hook and e3 doesn't do alot, also derezzing doesn't do much against NBN. This deck probably destroys glacier, though.

27 May 2016 DJINNandJUICE

Doesn't Turing just shut this deck down?

31 May 2016 PaperboySMD

Question, Would grappling hook work with VamaDeva? Vam specifically says ice with one sub, grappling hook breaks them, but the itself still has multiple subs, your just using a program to break them. Deva doesn't say one "Unbroken" sub :-(

1 Jun 2016 clydeiii

@PaperboySMDThat isn't what this deck is doing. It's using Vamadeva against ice with one sub. It's using Grappling Hook+e3 Feedback Implants against all other ice. Bad against Turing, but pretty awesome against anything else. Uses Clone Chip, Levy University, and Same Old Thing to get dem hooks back.

@neoreadinggridOne question I had is why Exclusive Party?

1 Jun 2016 PaperboySMD

Ahhh I see, misinterpreted the plan lol

2 Jun 2016 neoreadinggrid

@clydeiii The idea behind Exclusive Party was that it was non-resource economy which also provides some deck thinning, since it helps you draw through while gaining money.

The economy of this deck is definitely it's biggest weakness (well, and Turing) so would be the first thing I'd look to tweak.

12 Jun 2016 ctxjckl

I really like this deck. Turing is a problem, one which can be dealt with through clicks but that's not ideal. I made an altered version of this build with a more solid econ. give it a shot.

4 Jul 2016 underflow

I haven't played this yet (but it's on my to-do!), but it looks really tempting to float tags in a deck with so few resources (and, if you float tags, you can always install SoT, use SoT in one turn). It's also a huge economic boost to be able to float tags after a siphon, and you get some scorch protection from Geist's ability... Have you tried adding a few more trash effects to let you float tags against potential scorch decks? Floating tags against yellow is still a no-go if you suspect EoI / psycho / closed accounts, but against weyland, it seems like maybe this deck could run faster with a sports hopper or two. How do you normally manage tags?

26 Jul 2016 NerdimusPrime

@cortexjackal I ran your vamahook version for the first time last night. I lost both games, mostly just because it was new to me, but it was still a lot of fun. The first I lost against Pālanā because I couldn't get into the scoring server. It had three ice, Caprice, an unrezzed Marcus Batty, and he was sitting on two Nisei tokens. Still, I managed to Sneakdoor my way to 6 points.

The second loss was just stupid. Titan had a single Bailiff protecting his scoring server and HQ, and both of my Vamadevas were next to each other near the bottom of the deck, along with Spike. I couldn't get to them before he scored out, despite trashing both Sports Hoppers to dig for them.

The economy is definitely solid; I always had enough credits, and even caught myself overspending on unnecessary installs, just because I could. A Political Operative or two could have helped against Caprice/Marcus, but I'm not sure what I'd cut. Maybe -1 Street Peddler, -1 The Supplier? I always seemed to have extra Suppliers in hand that I didn't need.

As for Turing, the only thing I see that might be feasible without cutting influence is Peacock. With a solid econ, you can afford the 4 to break, and if you throw Crescentus at it as you go by, you can recover some of what you spent with Tech Traders and force the corp to spend their own 4 to rez it again.