Spy Camera Replizaar

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Updated list here

This deck has lots of fun synergies. I think it is pretty good. You should try it out and tell me if you like it/how to improve it.

Here's the key synergies:

  • Replicator + Bazaar = install 6 copies of Spy Camera in a single click. This is OK on its own, and becomes insane if you have 1 or 2 Technical Writers on board when you do it.
  • Tech Traders are your primary source of econ. 28 cards in this deck can be trashed for econ + draw in a pinch, 26 of them can be done on-demand (the Forgers are conditional on getting tagged).
  • SpyCams help you set up Street Peddler for maximum impact.
  • Since the two Replicator effects are separate (search + shuffle), you can SpyCam, and if you don't like the looks of it, install any piece of hardware you have on hand to trigger the shuffle and try again.

Early Game

The startup can be insanely fast with a good draw, but if you don't see some key pieces early, you will get left in the dust. This deck is not so consistent, and will lose in high-speed matchups.

Use the threat of Inside Job, a single spy cam (to threaten sniping agendas off of R&D), and Account Siphon for early game pressure. Dig through your deck through whatever means are most efficient to get your Tech Traders on board. Don't be afraid to crack a Technical Writer for 3 or 4 credits, your early game stuff is all super-cheap and you just need to get through it.

Once you've got a Replicator and a Bazaar on the board, get your spy cameras down and camp R&D, drawing and gaining money all the time.

The Turning of the Tide

Ideally, have a Technical Writer on the board, all your spy cams in the bin, and something resembling a breaker suite (between permanent breakers and cloud). Fire off a Levy AR Lab Access and you will almost always be able to install the 6 spy cams immediately afterwards. A common turn looks like: Levy, install 6 spy cameras, spy-cam your stack, crack tech writer. Next turn is rough for the corp.

How To Win

  • Use Spy Camera to camp R&D.
  • Use cloud breakers liberally to keep your coffers full and your permanent breakers firing. Generally speaking, conserve Shivs so that stacked sentries don't make your Mongoose sad. Don't use Crowbars on centrals if you can avoid it (that's Passport turf).
  • Fire off your second Levy AR Lab Access if needed to get cloud breakers back or reinstall spy cameras.
  • Seriously, 12 risk-free runs on R&D should be enough to sew things up.

How to Lose

  • Let a Chronos Project get scored at a bad time.
  • Let your Same Old Things get trashed when your Levy's are in the bin.
  • Fail to manage link (Forger and Sports Hopper) against MU limits.
  • Leave Jackson Howard on the board (if necessary, make a bluff run against R&D after spy-camming to get them to pop him).
  • Get tagged when you can't deal with it. Forger can dodge a SEA source, Fall Guy can help prevent your Tech Traders from dying if that's not sufficient. If the corp is on the flatline game plan, try to have more money than them and/or enough trashable stuff to refill your hand between damage effects, you can really withstand quite a bit of abuse most of the time.

IG Bioethics: not so bad?

This deck does OK against IG bioethics lock. SpyCam prevents R&D traps from hitting you. You've got lots of clickless draw effects and a deep stack with 2 Levy's. Note that Genetics Pavilion only applies to the runner turn, so feel free to fire off that sports hopper for 4 cards on the corp turn. I recently added the film critic because losing psi games is the worst. Ice is typically not deep enough to be a problem: shiv laughs at Komainu, inside job helps with the rest. You don't need to make too many runs, so you should hopefully have enough income to pay your way through multi-sub barriers with corroder.

Room for improvement

There are 46 cards in this deck, so you know it's not quite finished.

The Street Peddlers are generally not as useful the second time through the deck: unless you can set it up with spycam, you're more likely than not going to take out cloud breakers and events. I'm thinking about taking them out to get to 45 cards, but they do help with the setup time.

This deck hurts for HQ multi-access. I might take out some Account Siphons for HQ Interfaces, which can be replicated if you're rich enough (which you easily can be). The credit gain from landing a siphon is not super important to the deck.

I hope you had fun reading my thesis

23 May 2016 kevintame

I dig it!

31 May 2016 Explosive VI

What are you hoping to get on the Street Peddlers?

31 May 2016 internet_potato

@Explosive VI yeah, I will post an updated list. The peddlers are gone, they were a leftover from a previous version that used Off-Campus Apartment and wanted lots of connections with trash abilities.

31 May 2016 internet_potato

Updated list here!