Genoan diver TOP 4 (4-1 at Torino CO)

Plusci 17

Hi to everyone! I think it's a pretty standard sable but i would like to talk about some cards.

  • Pinhole Threading helps to get rid of really annoying stuff very well protected

  • Paragon helps me to maintain a decent economy and manipulate my cards draw with The Class Act and DreamNet because i want the right card at the right time and my icebreakers asap

  • No one home Helped me out vs jinteki when i wanted to defend some important cards in my hand

  • PAN-Weave is my favorite card in the deck. Yeah,you take a meat damage but you can mitigate its downside by always playing the important cards first. You destroy the corp's economy run after run.

  • And now let's talk about the star of the deck:"Cat's Cradle"(XD). Breaking code gates with it is a pain but it could be decent in early game. It just costs 2 so it allows you to early pressure the corp with PAN-Weave+ Diversion of Funds. its passive effect helps the economic strategy of the deck. In late game you want to bypass the big code gates with the criminal's stuff or Aumakua. The main reason i do not play Amina is its cost but i need to try it more.

  • I am thinking to put a second Cezve

The deck won vs 2 PE 1 ACME 1 Sports Metal and lost vs an Outfit that shot me in the face with an unexpected Punitive Counterstrike. It was my first tournament so i got really exited to meet an talk to a lot of new and kind people with my same passion. The comunity of this game is AMAZING

If you have any suggestion don't esitate to comment and create a discussion!

31 Jul 2022 mr_pelle

Congratulations on the great result of your first tournament! 👏

Our games were very tense and so were you, at least from my understanding: keep playing and you will achieve more confidence in your deck and in yourself!

1 Aug 2022 Plusci

Ty! I checked your corp's list and it's amazing! I will surely keep playing and i will take my "revenge" sooner or later... that punitive still hurts. XD

1 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

Good deck Plusci!

2 Aug 2022 DMachineRunner

Deck looks solid and good job on your first tournament!