Jtfq99999 243

One turn scoring deck that doesn't care about Hermes

Comments from opponents:

  • lol flashbacks of 2015
  • 7 points coming back? Thx wage workers :D:D
  • Thanks for that magic trick
  • i'm in shock
  • that is unreasonably funny

The setup:

  1. Enough remotes to boost Fully Operational
  2. Fully Operational...... duh. Can gamble with just 1 trying to draw another copy
  3. Wage Workers

The combo turn:

  1. Fully Operational (generally twice, to draw your whole deck)

- You want to pop on even number r&d because you can't draw the last card otherwise, or you could Spin Doctor for 1 card to fix it

  1. Gain resources:

The objective: 7 agenda points (27c, 8 clicks):

  • Install 3/2 Agenda (Asa trigger install SanSan), Advance 2x score
  • Install 3/2 Agenda, Advance 2x score
  • Install 5/3 Agenda, Big Deal score
31 Aug 2023 Diogene

I attest to the powerful jank this is! From 0 to 7 points in the same turn, what a deck! Amazing!