Disney Princess (GNK 1st-Place)

Venali 606

(Corp here - https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/37252/pew-freakin-hoo-gnk-1st-place-)

I have this thing where I have to play new things when they show up, and I spend way too much time putting together ideas that are, in essence, not good. This one actually turned out pretty ok, going 3-1 taking games against CTM, Gagarin, and PE while falling to IG, where I fell victim to general inexperience with that matchup v criminal.

This is by no means perfect, there's a solid amount of wiggle room in side cards, but it is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Do criminal things early, but the second you think you're in for the long haul, dig hard. With 40 cards, baby, Express, and 3 SOs, you can find the breakers you need pretty easily and get ready to make use of cheap/free chameleon installs that stack tech traders and make you a click. There was more than one occasion I took advantage of a full 5-click turn to punish a pair of centrals and make the money to hit a remote.

If you want to lean it more competitive, could maybe throw in a PolOp, but Rumor Mill might see the good targets fade in popularity.

Side note, the deck used to also have a Mongoose. Without it, I don't think I can really claim I have enough useful animals to be a real princess.

21 Aug 2016 Crauseon

Then again, Netrunner is filled with all kinds of fluffy animals, so you can't expect to fit them all in. I would've loved to see Paperclip be a Cerberus "Lady" H1, or a Snowball for extra #Frozen references.

It wouldn't really even be that far off as a suggestion to fit in a Mongoose, really. That and Golden have so very different targets. Scheherazade is princessy enough to warrant an exclusion of Femme Fatale.

And, well, Khan is almost Mulan, so Wyrm could've been Mushu. Or maybe she's her evil twin sister on the huns' side...

Loving the theme. Keep it up! And congratz on the high standing!

21 Aug 2016 k.art

You facecheck the first few pieces of ice?

21 Aug 2016 Katsushika

Your GNK sounds rough from the sounds of those Corp ID's ;) Funky list.

21 Aug 2016 Infectiou

I already wondered how to leverage Khan's ID-Ability. This seems like a good way to go. And I love the theme. Good job here. Did Golden work or is it too expensive?

21 Aug 2016 moistloaf

Chameleon is a very reasonable Decoder for Criminal. That speaks volumes about their Decoder options. Grats on the finish

22 Aug 2016 Venali

@k.art Yeah, that's pretty standard for me whenever I Criminal. Not a whole lot I care about early (I'm known for Gabe-ing into Cortex click 1).

@Infectiou It's pretty expensive. I'm on the fence still, though it does break Assassin for 4 which is nice. If you can install it on the Scheherazade after getting past an ice id does drop for 3, which is pretty reasonable.

2 Sep 2016 cameronwlucas

Oh wow I love the Chameleon idea...genius!

Just out of curiosity, did you think about running Technical Writer to make even more money off of the installs?

2 Sep 2016 cameronwlucas

...and I'm an idiot...just saw they're present :)

2 Sep 2016 cygnals

Been piloting the deck for about a week now and I'm loving the theme as well as the potential power it can have. I have a couple thoughts about where I've fallen short during some games and made some adjustments that might take things to the next level:

  1. Autoscripter is a sleeper; getting that click back pretty much every turn to keep doing what you're supposed to do (run) is fantastic. You know what would be even sweeter? Making TWO runs for free with Doppelgänger! This may be the first Criminal deck - at least what I've seen - in which Desperado isn't a no-brainer to include. Doppelgänger also makes the Temüjin Contract and Security Testing synergy even more nuts.

  2. I've found that even with LLDS Processor pumping up Golden, there are some ICE that would be a lot easier to manage with lower strength. I tested Datasucker against space Weyland and it worked wonders. The additional program made MU a bit cramped for my taste, which fortunately Doppelgänger is able to give us if we're running a Paperclip/Chameleon/Datasucker/Golden or Femme rig.

  3. Because of the relatively long setup in a relatively fast meta, this deck needs a draw engine other than clicking. Sure, we'll have clicks to spare after running all over the place, but why should we restrict this clickless engine to running only? I recommend Earthrise Hotel here; it's 1.5 cards per credit, but those 5 clicks we save can be put to use setting up the engine.

  4. I assume we clear tags after siphon unless we're in lategame YOLO mode, right? Why not make it easier with a couple Networking? This gives us more money to install stuff and less of a hassle clearing tags in a world filled with SYNC.

So in a nutshell my addition/subtraction brainstorming session includes: +1 Datasucker, +2 Doppelgänger, +3 Earthrise Hotel, +2 Networking

-2 Express Delivery, -3 Special Order, -2 Symmetrical Visage, -1 The Turning Wheel

The only subtraction that hurt me in testing was going down to one TTW. Everything else I found was pretty much solved when Earthrise came into the equation.

Please let me know what you think. Cheers!

16 Oct 2016 Bodasafa

Am I missing how to get your programs back out of the heap if the Corp trashes them. I realize paperclick is played from heap, but found myself in trouble when my other programs got trashed.