Stealth Jes v4

magikot 1975

Version 4 of the Stealth Jes deck I've been piloting since Jes released, now updated! This will likely be the last update to this deck since the next pack graces us with the stealth goddess herself, Smoke!


With the new MWL and the errata to Astroscript, I've decided to go all in on the Account Siphon plan and removed the clot. As such, you want to Siphon early and often. Once set up you can easily hit 2 or 3 servers a turn, getting Cloak credits back with Mirror as you lock down R&D. Between the R&D lock and siphon on HQ you should have no problems sniping cards out of remotes. New to this plan are two specific tech cards in the form of Hades Shard and the incredible Net Mercur.

Breakers and Support

Cloak, Dagger, and Snowball are our breakers and that's because they work very well. Snowball especially since so few barriers are seeing play. Atman over Dai V because I don't feel Dai V is powerful enough. Cloak, Ghost Runner, Net Mercur and Mirror are strong sources of stealth credits to power your runs.


Sure Gamble, Net Mercur, Kati Jones, Beth Kilrain-Chang and Daily Casts. You will find that you are rarely wanting for credits with these sources of burst and drip economy. The earlier you see the Net Mercur and Kati the better. Disrupt the corp's economy and bolster your own with the full three Account Siphons. Jes' ability to take only one tag means you can usually Siphon on click 3 without worry. Modded acts as another economy card by saving three credits to put the Mirrors, Plascrete Carapace and Dagger into play for free and reducing RDI to only a single credit.

The Rest

Film Critic is mostly for playing against Jinteki's TFPs and punitive Weyland decks.

Same Old Thing and Levy AR Lab Access are to bring back your Siphons, Ghost Runners and any spent Daily Casts.

Diesel will let you dig deeper instead of just relying on ProCo for draw.

Plascrete Carapace is the final line of defense against scorch and boom decks on the rare instance that you don't have enough credits to beat a trace. Also to make Argus cry more when we multi access.

Hades Shard is our key tech against Shutdown Boom.

Sacrificial Construct is there for when you run into the odd program destruction you weren't expecting, such as the new Jinteki decks that are using destroyer ice with Batty and Ark Lockdown.

Salsette Slums is a concession to CTM which can quickly out tempo you. If you can kill the bankers, actors, and Jacksons you should be able to win. But just one scored Breaking News could mean your entire resource bank and game plan is wiped out.


Zealous Judge. You don't often take tags, but when you do this guy can really ruin your day because your resource engine will quickly vanish. Check the remotes and kill on sight.

Jeeves. The evil purple butler from hell, kill on sight. Since we've ditched clot, HB fast advance has a really favorable match-up against this deck. Killing Jeeves as quickly as possible is the only real answer to the deck.

Sandburg. Not as popular as it used to be since Rumor Mill released. Still, if you don't see a Siphon until it's too late or find ways to make them spend their money Sandburg can tax out your stealth credits. Prioritize any server you see Sandburg in to keep the strength of ice to a more manageable level.

19 Oct 2016 Phoenix

Have you given any thought to using Houdini now DNA Tracker is a thing? Also great vs NBN with Archangel and all their stacked high strength code gates.

19 Oct 2016 dawspawn

If you're going to spend 4 for a fracter, do you think Blackstone will be an improvement over Snowball?

And I know you don't want to give up the third siphon, but cutting one for Planned Assault would free up two influence for Rumor Mill, which could deal with Batty, Jeeves, and Sandburg (besides just being awesome in general). Plus having a current would help against Scarcity of Resources.

25 Oct 2016 CWoodward

"Cloak, Dagger, and Snowball are our breakers and that's because they work very well"

Cloak is not an icebreaker.

And I agree with @Phoenix that Houdini might be marginally better than Refractor if only for those fairly common and painful cards.