PD Tempo (copied from J4; 20th @ NtscapeNav's SC)

rapanui 4

I copied this card for card from j4: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/65438/still-too-much-tempo

It went 4-1 @ NtscapeNavigator's online Store Championship - 2021.05.08 My one loss was to eventual 1st place after the cut Matuszczak on Valencia. Here's how that game went: he found his one-of Rebirth on turn 2 (iirc) and I had mulled to an average hand. I got apoc-ed 3 times with minimal resistance.

I beat three other Apoc decks, and one non-Apoc Hoshiko. The game against Kikai's apoc Tao deck came down to the wire and access varaince, and that matchup does not feel nearly as good as the Anarch ones.

What else is there to say? If you don't have unusually bad luck, this deck is a monster. If the runner's hand is mediocre or slow at making money, you can often score 4-5 points and be sitting pretty on money within the first 5 turns of the game. After that, they have to play guess the agenda. If they Apoc you, you're often in a position to rapidly rebuild the remote and score anyways.

Runner decks distorting themselves sideways to try and beat PD rush is making them fold to other Corp strategies, so you can certainly justify not playing this at the moment.