This Deck Is Kenough (AmCont Startup 6th overall)

tzeentchling 1112

She's everything. He's just Ken. This deck went 2-1 in the Startup tournament at Cascadia Continentals, beating an NEH and a Reality+ and losing to a fast-advance Precision Design. Sometimes you access 20 cards and only find two Élivágar Bifurcation and three Nightmare Archive. Shrug.

Debbie is great with 20 Run events in the deck. She helps control assets if you need it, along with the Bahia Bands, but if you wanted to include Overclock for a bit more help I wouldn't say no. The Stoneship Chart Rooms are there to give you instant-speed draw, useful against Jinetki ice and upgrades but can power up boat in a pinch if necessary.