Coattails 4.0 - 2nd in Swiss/13th Overall [Worlds 2020]

Ghost Meat 937

This deck, along with my Hoshiko, took me to 1st in Swiss on day 1A, and 2nd overall in Swiss between the two days. Congrats to @Heinzel for nabbing one more win than me in Swiss and taking top spot.

I've had a long history with Titan Transnational, placing 3rd with it at New Zealand Nationals in 2018 (7-0), taking a GNK in 2018 (3-0), coming 55th at Worlds 2018 (7-2), and now 13th overall at Worlds 2020 (4-1, not counting bye and IDs). Weirdly, I did not take it to New Zealand Nationals 2020, opting for CTM instead, which I thought was a better meta-call due to the high prevalence of Shapers and Clot in that scene. May Clot rotate soon and stay dead forever.

This deck screams "It's Turbo Time!" at the start of every match, and can sometimes win in 6-10 turns if you get lucky with draw, but it's definitely high risk/high reward, as you can get hosed on draw and not have many outs if the game drags out. The HHN/kill fork is something I've always endorsed in Titan, forcing the runner to try and run to keep up with the Atlas Train, but then also punishing them with explosive death if they aren't part of the Turbo Team, and overextend their economy.

Matchups were against Leela, Ed Kim (flatline), Leela (flatline), and 419 in Swiss, and then finally a loss to @Limes' Worlds-winning Hoshiko in the first round of the cut, whose Omar Rebirth with tons of Imp counter recursion ruined most of my win conditions in HQ. I was one turn away from closing out, with Biotic in hand and an Atlas counter ready to go for the last Atlas, but he hit the Biotic after choosing not to Imp a Consulting Visit, and I was pretty much hosed after that, trying to jam the last Atlas in a double-ice remote and hope he didn't run it. Reader, he did. I didn't draw the first Atlas in that game until about turn 12, so it was a tough position to have to win from.

I took a few notes from @whiteblade111's APAC list here, particularly with some of the new Nisei ice that didn't exist yet in my previous iterations (the Sandstone/CVS combo is awesome), and finally decided to cut the Rashidas in favor of more burst econ from Too Big to Fails, since I rarely make an iced remote to be able to consistently defend Rashidas with, and due to the high amount of Criminal and DOF I expected at this tournament. Too Big into HHN is a nice surprise too if runners think they have the credit advantage over you and are safe.

I wasn't expecting much Shaper in this tournament, and didn't play against a single one, which was relieving (have I mentioned that Clot ruins lives?), but packed two CVS and a Macrophage for that and the Freedom matchup, whom I also didn't have to play. CVS did good work anyway, purging the viruses from Sandstone and making them expensive to break again, buying time to draw into more combo pieces to score the next Atlas.

Thanks to Nisei for running a great event, to the House Hippos Canadian testing group for initiating me during day 1A, and most specifically to @aDumbBrick who is my Titan Bro For Life, landing 4th place overall in this tournament with his Titan deck, and title of Captain of the Turbo Team.

Tertiary thanks to Tim Robinson.

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