Simple and Clean PD (but worse) [1-3 @CO Genova]

Drager 280

It's the Bridgeman'sSimple and clean PD but missing the 3 Spin Doctor i changed the following:

I'm assuming the deck was just worst after these changes, I managed to win 1 / lose 3. The record was lost / win / lost against Arissana, lost against a Mercury.

I guess the worst match-ups, the Arissansa were contensting my remote even with 0/1c at the start of their turns, and 2/3 had Poison Vial, that's literal poison against my Bran / Ansel.

1c from Slappy + 1 Vial were enough to break everything. Mercury was running wild, double accessing from turn 1.

As @koga said, "play it a little bit slower" is maybe a good advice. He piloted the original deck winning the whole tournament, so maybe 70% can be traced to my habit to try to go fast.

Back to the original version, I guess....