Kickflip Arissana v2

tzeentchling 1133

Placed 3rd overall at Last Click, the SF Store Championship/Circuit Opener. Beat Outfit and two R+, lost to an Azmari playing Reeducation/Neurospike combo but only just barely. Lost to a third R+ deck in the cut when I missed the 100% line to Hush an un-rezzed Border Control to get in and steal a Bellona for the win.

Deck still feels great in version two. Swapped from Pantograph to LilyPAD and DreamNets became Dr. Nuka to help address draw. My losses could easily have been wins with better play. Still find Clot mostly useless even when I need it and would love more ways to deal with expensive upgrades, but playing Bahia Bands still leaves a rough taste in my mouth.