Team Turtles (1st 30 player SC)

imrahil 1268

Managed to defend my title at the Aldershot SC :). This was undefeated. I forgot NASX was in quorum else it would have been in the deck (probably for a DBS).


MaxX Professor Andy Whiz Whiz Whiz

Probably needs some tweaking as isn't really tested properly but works fine. Andy was takeshis castle style but with jak sinclair and 1 dlr. Andy lost 1 game to gents IG.

29 Jan 2017 sdxbbs

Gratz man ! but what's the game plan ? with only 8 ice you are really vunerable !

29 Jan 2017 imrahil

Game plan is to keep installing things till you win. You'd be surprised. More ice is always nice but 8 is enough. It's not like you build much of a remote.

30 Jan 2017 Hallenbach

How do you use Jeeves Model Bioroids in this deck? I see you don't have the Subliminal/Shipment from SanSan combo. Is it just to get an extra click when installing assets?

30 Jan 2017 imrahil

Yes. It isn't for fast advancing. Simply a good asset when happened to have the 6 HB cards anyway. It's other benefit is scoring 4/2s on the table. Something you often have to do.

30 Jan 2017 emilyspine

Congratulations Joey! Will have to try this out, I really enjoyed your EOI version of teamturtles.

31 Jan 2017 percomis

Really curious, do you think the 2 NAPD are better than +2 Breaking News and +1 Corporate Sales Team (or whatever 2/4 fits in)?

31 Jan 2017 imrahil

@percomis haven't tried, but this make more sense to me, as plan is score 3 2-pointers and 1 1-point. Suppose you could do that and maybe score 3 1-pointers but that seems less likely and loses you a slot. Plus NAPD is so good. If they go poor trashing things you can score it behind a popup window quite easily..

31 Jan 2017 leachrode

I've been testing this and it seems super well positioned at the moment, even Whizzard with slums seems to struggle to maintain enough econ to deal with more than one thing at a time and this can spew out far more remotes than that. The only changes I've toyed with so far are -1 CVS -1 SanSan +2 TarMar -1 15 Minutes +1 Breaking News. The second breaking news feels super impactful in that slums matchup, they seem to always leave sansans and prioritise going after money and sensie's giving an opening to sansan a BN and kill the slums to kill that plan. Dropping a sansan for the inf felt a little bit rough but I've not actually seen one get slummed so far and the draw is so strong I always seem to end up with 2 on the board anyway. Tarmar is predominantly for slums to retain tempo if they kill all the money early, siphon or clearing strike.

Do you have any thoughts about how you'd tune it up aside from potentially NASX now you've played out the SC with it?

Congrats on the placement and thanks for the confidence to look at a field of slums whizz just install even more faster

31 Jan 2017 imrahil

Hmm I'm not so sure about those changes. I would just take slums to the face and win faster. If I could run 2 15-minutes I'd do that instead.. I find people are more likely to slums sansans then scoring gets hard. Also cvs is super useful both against shaper clot and medium digging crim and anarch. Don't really know what tarmar adds, except some nice siphon protection which is always helpful. Let me know how your testing goes anyway.

And yeah, asset spam is great vs. Whiz, as long as you can spam enough