Spiky Tags (3th at NtscapeNavigator SC)

ArminFirecracker 720

I got the idea from greyfields @dril deck. But swapped most cards but the core cards.


On Jnet casual it is very strong. Against seasoned players the match is usually close. But in the Top Cut with open deck list, it was one loosing ground versus Heinzel and Pinsels MaxX.

So all in all, the score was only 2-4. Only my unbeaten runner deck lead me to the 3rd place out of 70 participants. But it was a lot of fun to play nevertheless.

The Kill

Is can be done often in two turns.

  1. Install, Advance, Advance a Reeducation.
  2. Advance, Seamless Launch and Neurospike

Some runners are not aware of this combination, and you can catch them unexpected. If they now about it, they need to run every double advanced NGO Front, if you have at least 5 credits.

You do not care about scoring any points. But you can bait the runner also with real agendas. With Bellona in the remote you can get the runner poor enough for pushing finally the Reeducation.

If you are low on credits, you can also push the Bellona for a kill. The 5 credit refund almost pays 2 Neurospikes.

If you think, you need to take a risk: You can also push a Reeducation if you don't have the Neurospike yet. You can usually draw 5-6 cards with the score and often find it.

Possible Counter Cards

The usual damage protection of 6 hand size or I've Had Worse doesn't help the runner here. I never had two few cards for the Reeducation trigger. In theory, you need one more Neurospike versus No One Home or Sports Hopper. But I never encountered those.

Tag Punishment

If the runner floats 5 tags, it can also be done in a single turn with Psychographics. Another punishment would be nice if the runner only has 3 or fewer tags. If you expect crims, maybe a Retribution for an Sprint. But then the ice should be adjusted as well.


Influence is really tight. I don't think cutting a Neurospike is not a good option, for consistency. Surveyor does a real good job for ending the run as a Sentry. Originally there were 3 in the list. But Seamless Launch really boosts the deck.

Economy & Mulligan

Daily Quest, Rashida Jaheem usually give good money. You should mulligan for them and push them early. Often you can push another asset as soon as the runner trashes your first Daily Quest. Money is sometimes short, but sometimes I draw so many cards, that I need to discard Hedge Funds.

Possible changes

It needs at least a 2nd Navi Mumbai City Grid for Hivemind MaxX, Boomerang and Botolus.

IP Block or Rime could be put back into the deck. The weakest ICE are probably Wraparound and Authenticator at the moment.

Another possibilty, I havent tried yet is to run Funhouse with Hydra, Thoth and Data Ward. But those all those are so expensive.

11 May 2021 Cliquil

Surely you need 3 Neurospikes if the runner has an installed Sports Hopper? What am I missing?

11 May 2021 valerian32

Cool decks = )

11 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

Cliquil. If you score an Reeducation, you can force the runner to discard (most) of his hand. But then he can trigger Sportshopper, so the Runner got 3-5 cards in hand. Therefore 2 Neurospikes are needed.