Spooky HB (Beta Test Version), 1st place, Undefeated

skewie 259

Pretty much entirely based off of this deck

The changes I made were:
-1 Ronald Five, +1 Hellion Beta Test
-2 Fairchild 2.0, +2 Fairchild 3.0
-1 Vanilla, +1 Wall of Static

Hellion Beta test is just great in this deck, it can become extremely oppressive when your opponent decides to trash your important stuff.

Anyway this deck is all about building a critical mass of assets that help you spiral to the win in the mid-to-late game. Not by slowly grinding the runners HP down, but by simply scoring out. It's not uncommon for the game to end with Double Biotic Labour + Jeeves trigger to score out a GFI from hand. Overscored Project Vitruvius and/or Clone Suffrage Movement makes this ability to double Biotic pretty consistent.

Matchups were:

  1. Find the Truth Adam
  2. Siphon Spamming, Medium Digging Quetzal That Rebirths Into Omar
  3. TheBigBoy's Faust Gabe

My best Diversified Portfolio was for 19 credits during the game against Quetzal btw. Can you beat that? :)