5 Click Trick

Catsodomy 67


Something Ive had knocking about my head for a few days. I assume its already been done, and better, but here is my attempt. Its going to swing like an [redacted], but if you get half the cards you want, it should produce.

Adjusted Chronotype is the key, here. It allows you to get 2 for free every turn with Hard at Work for strength boosting or installing the rest of your resources. But it is also vital to get the Gene Conditioning Shoppe out so you can Joshua B. Qianju PT for 5 a turn. And with enough credits out Beth Kilrain-Chang can net you 6 a turn.

Now as for Dai V: With 3 Cloaks, Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net Mirror and Net Mercur you can bust through 3 pieces of ice before they stop you, once a turn, every single turn. And thats why you have an Ankusa, to prevent them from locking out out on a 4 ice server. Sure, that Barrier might be expensive to break, but its even more so for them to put it out and rez it again. I dont care how much it costs, I have my own Personal Workshop to churn it out.

13 Apr 2017 CactusJack

@CatsodomyThat's an interesting combo.

13 Apr 2017 Ephin_Antz

i wonder about card draw, maybe wyldside, and aesops if u want to slow the draw

13 Apr 2017 Catsodomy

@Ephin_AntzNot after last night. Check the MWL 1.2 . Wyldside is now 4 influence, and I have 2 left.

13 Apr 2017 CirclMastr

As long as you're already running Qianju PT, why not throw in Rachel Beckman on top for an extra click?

13 Apr 2017 Sarmatian

I think it would be fun to cut a chrome parlor and put in one Surfer. It would be awesome to surf their barrier all the way in then bounce it. If they reinstall it, you can just surf it in again. I don't know if it's really any better than just breaking each ice for two stealth each, but definitely has more flair.

14 Apr 2017 Catsodomy

@CirclMastrThe next iteration of this deck is geared for 7 clicks a turn, with the ability to get 10 a couple of times. Im just trying to figure out how to make that beneficial.

@SarmatianYea, this deck is the first iteration. Its just meant as theory crafting. Im pointing out the car to the dogs. Lets go chase them.

14 Apr 2017 SillySod

Ankusa is usually efficient enough to invalidate barriers provided that you aren't at a huge credit disadvantage. The real problem with Ankusa is getting it online and Surfer, while cool, probably isn't too useful once you get to that point.

2 Jul 2017 Jayjaxx

Maybe a Dr. Lovegood would be a good idea. So you can choose between either 4 credits and 4 clicks or 2 credits and 5 clicks.

2 Jul 2017 Catsodomy

@Jayjaxx This deck got heavily modded, into something leaner, but just as stupid. I usually lose with it, but the face on your opponent when you bust out 7 clicks a turn with a Magnum Opus is just priceless. 0 to running a server/multi-access? Gold.

2 Jul 2017 Catsodomy

@Jayjaxxthe new deck runs like this Hardware Hardware (19)

1x e3 Feedback Implants ●● 6x NetChip 3x Omni-drive 1x Plascrete Carapace 1x Qianju PT 3x Rabbit Hole 3x The Personal Touch 1x The Toolbox Resource Resource (12)

1x Adjusted Chronotype ●● 1x Akshara Sareen 2x Beth Kilrain-Chang 2x Film Critic 1x Joshua B. ●●● 2x Personal Workshop 1x Rachel Beckman ● 2x Tyson Observatory Icebreaker Icebreaker (3)

1x Ankusa 1x Creeper 1x Study Guide Program Program (11)

3x Cloak 2x Magnum Opus 3x Multithreader ●●● 3x Self-modifying Code