Birds of Catterjee Rock

zendealer 1

I know what you're thinking Chatterjee University that is a jank card not worth playing in any deck, but it makes the birds sing. 1 to install and 6 clicks you are saving 14, now 7 clicks for 13 is below the 2 per click average where this card comes into it's own is you no longer have to worry about the massive reinstall cost after derez it's just 2 clicks and it's back on the table.

With the Birds don't go crazy with the derezing, do it once you know all the ICE to come in the server. The derez threat will be enough to stop the corp rezzing some ICE, playing against Jinteki and they rezzed a komainu once against me, as the derez threat as too great.

The Birds are expensive to use, for any decent ICE you are going to pay at least 4, this is where tracker and Sifr come into play, when you want to derez a substantial piece of ICE then it's the number of subs plus 2 to derez, if it's a low rez cost-high strength-one sub ice then tracker gets you through (looking at you archangel).

There are problem ICE with this deck, Eli 1.0 and Akia are a bitch to get through, both cost 6 to get through, this is when you should use the parasites, for ICE that is not worth derezzing but cost you a fortune to get through, remember you only get two so use them wisely.

Interfaces are used over event multi access events so they can be used with tracker.

To stop fast advance there is The Source with Fall Guys along with Dr Lovegood to blank the source when you you are looking for agendas.

For draw there is Drug Dealer which works with Dr Lovegood to stop the 1 tax, remember to blank the source at the start of your turn if you are going fishing.

Standard Criminal money suite, career fair has been cut as Earthrise is not in the deck and it would only have 6 target.