They don't even need 0₂ - (6th at DC Regionals)

kevintame 446

"They don't need sleep, breaks, overtime, or even 0₂! How can we compete with that!?"

This is the deck I took to the DC regionals at Island Games. I made the cut and placed 6th. This was some of the best Netrunner games I've had in a long time. Every game came down to the small amounts of credits, clicks, agenda points and everyone of my opponents was world class! My only issue was the AC was not working that well so the air was stale and hot. So I really needed my bioroids to step up their game to compensate for my uncomfort. Apparently they don't need 0₂!

Basically this is a Mooninites asset spam shell with Bioroid Work Crew to fast advance 5/3 agendas and do other weird combos. There are lots of good Estelle Moon shells out there so I must give credit to all of you who posted your deck lists. It made my job so much easier to build and test this.

Key Card Choices

The Combos

Scoring Combos

  • Score 5/3s - With Jeeves Model Bioroids and Bioroid Work Crew on the table and neither rezzed you need at least 12 credits to score out. Rez Bioroid Work Crew for 2 credits, play Biotic Labor for 4 credits and use work crew to install Global Food Initiative or Elective Upgrade and gain a credit for the install with ID ability. Rez Jeeves Model Bioroids for 2 credits. Advance 3 times and gain Jeeves click. You can then advance 2 more times (5 credits for advancements).
  • Score 3/2s with clot - You only need Bioroid Work Crew to make this one work and 9 credits. Play Biotic Labor install a 3/2 agenda. Advance 3 times and then use your final click to install a Cyberdex Virus Suite. Rez 3 credits, purge, score.
  • Score 3/2s with clot and remove from game - Same as the combo above but have a Jeeves Model Bioroids. You will have an extra click where you can play Ark Lockdown after the Cyberdex Virus Suite and score play it to kill the clot. PS you could also do the combo with 2 Bioroid Work Crew on the table. Biotic, install agenda and CVS with work crew, advance 3 times purge, score, use 4th click for lockdown.
  • Score 2 3/2s from hand - You need 2 Bioroid Work Crew on the table and one Jeeves Model Bioroids and 19 credits. Play two biotic for 4 credits each. Install using the work crews the two 3/2 agendas gaining 1 credits from ID. advance 3 times and then gain jeeves click. Advance 3 more times (Total advancement cost 6) This one seems really hard but would be awesome!

Hate Combos

One of the biggest problems this deck has is clot lock and rumor mill. Since there are several shapers out there with clot and sac cons you need an answer for that. But truthfully I think the biggest problem is rumor mill. If they have both of these in their deck it becomes harder to win. That is why the Lock Hayley deck is hard to beat and you have to get lucky and play on point. I faced two of them on the day who are both excellent pilots. :(

  • Rumor mill - Encryption Protocol and Ark Lockdown it. You then go back to your normal plan of spamming and try and score behind a remote with Caprice Nisei.
  • Clot with Sac Cons - Use Hellion Beta Test to trash the Sac Cons. Against most shaper decks that are playing Sac Con Clot lock you need to trash the Sac Cons and then use CVS when you score to deal with clot. Most of the time they don't have a quick way to bring them back so you really don't need to Ark Lockdown them.
  • The Source - Use one of the scoring combos to have an extra click to advance. Then use Ark Lockdown if you need.

Match Ups

  • Haley Lock - This is by far the hardest match ups. They run rumor mill and clot with sac cons. The main priority is rumor mill. Use the Enhanced Login Protocol and Ark Lockdown combo to kill it. For sac cons I use the Hellion Beta Test and Ark Lockdown combo. If you are unable to get sac con off the board you can try and use caprice to score behind a remote with rumor mill gone. I also usually try and sneak out some agenda by installing them naked and playing the shell game. Another good strategy is install CVS on the Temujin server. I got Dan Spinosa with this one.
  • Siphon Whizz - This match up isn't bad if you have the better hand. Ideally one ice for HQ and some assets. I like to put Turing on HQ and then Caprice Nisei in the root of HQ. I had Crisium Grid in my deck but switched to Sealed Vault because I expected a lot of siphon on the day. I actually only faced one siphon so I'm not sure if it mattered but in my testing it was very helpful and better than Crisium Grid. The next priority is to get an iced Estelle Moon and start spamming. I found that if they let me get 5-6 counters on each moon they could never keep me poor enough even if they are trashing all of my stuff and siphoning me. Since they have no way to deal with the fast advance option scoring out isn't too tough. They have hackivist so keep Enhanced Login Protocol in hand to clear.
  • Temujin Whizz - This match up they will trash a ton of your stuff. I just rush out try and move faster and make sure I always keep Estelle Moon behind an ice. Preferable a Architect so when they face plant into it you get 2 more counters on her. Just keep installing. Also Hacktivist is a thing here as well so hold on to that Enhanced Login Protocol.
  • Good Stuff Andy - Just go faster and take risks. I think it's better to not let them have a chance to set up their rig and just contest remotes. I usually try and jam some 3/2s behind architects and stuff. Keep them off siphon with your vault and caprice.
  • Shapers in general - follow the same plan as Lock Haley kill clot.
  • DLR - Go faster than them.
  • Apoco decks - Lean on Caprice on HQ and don't over commit.

Tournament Report

Swiss Rounds

  • Round 1 - Bye 2-0
  • Round 2 - Chris "tr33beard" DiGregorio on Lock Haley. Incredibly hard match for me. Before the tournament started I told him he was one of the people I didn't want to face. I got out Estelle Moon on turn one and got some counter on her. He clicked one rumor mill and trashed my moon with counters. I installed a bunch of stuff over the next few rounds and snuck out a Project Vitruvius and Accelerated Beta Test and scored them out. I know the match up and needed to win before he could lock me out. He was able to get a few off of RD with deep data mining and then ran in and sniped my Elective Upgrade. Runner win corp lost so I was 3-1 on the day.
  • Round 3 - Ian Williams. He was on on PPVP Kate. I was set up well and scored through some clots. He got me with and indexing run and picked off 2 Global Food Initiative and used a Mad Dash. I ended up avoiding him picking off another because I put a bunch at the bottom of RD with DBS and was able to score out pretty easily. Runner won as well so I was 5-1
  • Round 4 - Josh "technoblivion" Venecia . He was on Siphon Whizz so I kept a hand with Turing and Caprice Nisei. I installed both on HQ and it was very hard for him to land a siphon. I was able to build a strong board state and I scored out quickly with the combos. Runner lose 6-2
  • Round 5 - Dan "Code Marvelous" Spinosa. He was on smoke and got out an early astrolabe. I saw Estelle Moon early and Advanced Assembly Lines I just kept spamming things out. I had so much money it was comical. He got a pretty good clot lock on me so I needed a way to beat that. He installed a Temujin on Archives and on my turn I pitched my Cyberdex Virus Suite into the bin. He ran click 3 for money and was forced to purge trashing his SacCon when accessing CVS. He then ran a makers eye and face planted into an Architect the last click. I installed CVS and he accessed it purging his clot because he wanted the maker's eye run. I then pulled off a strange combo to score a 5/3 and lockdown his clot. I had 2 Biotic and Ark Lockdown in hand with Jeeves and Bioroid Work Crew on the board. I played 2 Biotic Labor, used Bioroid Work Crew to install Elective Upgrade advanced 5 times and used my last click to Ark Lockdown clot. I had 3 credits remaining. Next turn I used the counter from Elective Upgrade to score a Project Vitruvius from hand. But since I had 2 Turtlebacks installed I would have been ok at 0 credits. Runner lose so I was 7-3 going into the cut.

The Cut

  • Runner vs Dane Meyer's Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power deck. Win
  • Runner vs Lauren Williams's SYNC: Everything, Everywhere. Lose. Left Plascrete in deck box spent most of the game siphon spamming and digging for Obelus and Placrete. Would have been DQed anyways as I was breaking the rules by leaving it in my deckbox.
  • Corp vs Alan Noonan's Lock Haley Deck. - I killed chameleon and rumor mill back to back turns with Ark Lockdown his back was against the wall even though he was on 5 points so he did a glory run before he used levy and snipped the one and final agenda off of HQ for the win. Lose.
13 Jun 2017 doldol161

I was expecting O₂ Shortage :(

13 Jun 2017 kevintame

@doldol161 That would be thematic! Biotic Labor just seems better though as you have all of the control.

14 Jun 2017 rubyvr00m

Hilariously, if you used Brain Rewiring, you could bottom their whole hand, making them unable to stop you from gaining clicks with O2 Shortage. Food for thought.

14 Jun 2017 kevintame

@rubyvr00m that's funny. Seems hard to pull off but would be hilarious.

14 Jun 2017 AkAnderson

Grats on your finish! Deck looks fun.