A Legal Decklist

johno 585

The slot choices aren't great.
The attempts to tech for moons are weak.
And there's a spare influence.

But no matter what negative things you might say about this list, you can't deny: it is a legal list for a game of Android: Netrunner.

7th at Norwich Regional. 3 losses all day, including cut, all to Moons. Go figure.

In all seriousness, this list is the result of me knowing I wanted to play Andy because I'm comfortable with it, but not knowing how to defeat the Moon Menace. I flailed wildly with a few tech options, before giving up, slotting Aeneas because it seems better than SecTest and going back to Strike. Critic could have helped against Lakshmi, but didn't (although it did work against Skorpios).

Was very strong against glacier ETF, Skorpios and 7Penguins, Failed hard to Moons on three separate occasions.

15 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

Was Aeneas better than Sec Test?

15 Jun 2017 johno

@RubbishyUsername Tough to say. Against assets, it seems better. You can use it to make decent money off an un-iced remote.

SecTest is probably better against decks that don't make many remotes, since you can use Archives and cards that trigger Aeneas are too few.

You also need a couple of Aeneas before you match 1x SecTest, but then it's as good as many SecTests because you can reuse them.

It IS good combined with medium deep-digs against asset decks, since you can make Temujin-levels of money while hitting R&D.

I'm likely to stick with it though.

16 Jun 2017 clercqie

The Moons matchup with Andy is super hard, I agree. I've had some success with going to 2 Medium to get accesses as fast as possible. But the one thing I'd definitely consider is finding place for 2 Legworks. Without them, I've found you have such little game against Moons.

16 Jun 2017 clercqie

Other options are cutting 1 Earthrise for a John Masanori in order to keep drawing while trashing stuff. It makes you a bit slower against other decks, but that should be ok, I think.

Cutting a Shutdown for Maxwell James seems also ok, 'cause that (tutorable!) link is crazy against SYNC and related NBN decks.