Cache Refresh Siphon Kit

phette23 2214

Siphon them into the ground, Maker's until you win.

The plan is to set up slowly, get some Beth value, a bunch of money, and wait for the corp to make a move or go for a score. Then try to siphon twice in a turn (e.g. Siphon -> SoT Siphon), scoop the remote, and swing the game into your favor.

I realize there's some weird anti-synergy for a siphon deck; Misdirection and Citadel Sanctuary don't make a ton of sense when you're better off going tag me. The thing is, BOOM SYNC is one of the best cache refresh decks, so tag me isn't always an option. Those cards are tech against Hard-Hitting News and BOOM, respectively.

Beth is for early value so even if the corp has little money or trashes her, you've gotten something out of the deck slots. In a limited format, it's a stretch to get 45 of the best cards, and I'm OK with a card that hedges against things going wrong (not landing repeated siphons).

3 Aug 2017 dawspawn

Why 3 paricia? Do you ever actually install more than one?

3 Aug 2017 phette23

Mostly because there aren't enough good cards to play and I wanted multiples against asset spam. HB asset spam is really good in cache refresh. If that's not in your meta then absolutely cut the Paricia for something more useful (maybe more tech cards like Feedback Filter & Citadel Sanctuary).

4 Aug 2017 dawspawn

That makes sense, I haven't played much cache refresh.