Prime Time Massacre v4.1 post rotation

shadowhawk 256

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24 Sep 2017 DonLoverGate

Can it be? My all time favourite deck making a return? Delighted doesn't even come close to describe my feelings about this build.

What are the Crisis for? With this light an Ice suite, do you think you can reliably use Shipment from Tennin - or does it work as an incentive for runs? What are the TVs for?

I feel like you are a Tiny Bit too light on traps. Also what about -Voter Intimidation? -Punitive Counterstrike?
-Obokata Protocol?

I think losing the Profiteering was a pretty heavy loss to our overall strategy, do you think losing them means that we should abandon our defenseless ways and add a little more proactive tooth?

Also interested to see what @veste has to say about this.

And you mentioned recently that you won a Vienna SC. Is there a scene here? I recently moved to Vienna but apart from Sirengames which hold a very rare tournament I haven't seen anything in that avenue.

26 Sep 2017 shadowhawk

Crisium Grid is for Indexing becasue it can really hurt us and very popular. After ban/restricted list there will be less Inversificator so I definitely will try Mirāju to counter it. Shipment from Tennin is good in early game but after that you probably can't use it (except against cautious runners). I use 2 because don't have the influence for another Biotic Labor. The TVs can remove cards from the runner deck, that can hurt us. Indexing, Caldera, Feedback Filter, Film Critic, etc. Worst case scenario 1 net damage to the deck.

After B/R list there will be also less Film Critic so -2 GFI +2 Obokata Protocol will be a solid choice, and there will be enough influence for Punitive Counterstrike. Voter Intimidation is good, but I can't find the deck space for it.

Losing Profiteering not that big. I felt comfortable with this econ. Maybe can use another Gila Hands Arcology instead of the Chronos Project. (less and less recursion nowdays) But I have to do something with the Ice composition. I'm not content with it. Maybe @veste can do something about it, he made a great job upgrading my earlier deck. :)

About Vienna, that was a one time gig. (so far) I usually attend tounaments at Budapest and Bratislava. I don't know the Vienna scene, I know only two guys from there: @Korrigan and @procf. Maybe ask them.

26 Sep 2017 DonLoverGate

I would : Drop the Aiki, it's not doing enough Lockdown works best with Psychic Field. Either add another or drop it. Consider Tapestry and DNA Tracker. Expensive, but they get the job done.

Perhaps drop the preemptives. They're not doing a ton. Maybe add some Neural EMPs.

Also, Voter Intimidation. Net damage protection, with the exception of Feedback filter, is resource based.

5 Oct 2017 Veste

Hey, I love that this is coming back! I like Preemptive Action for bringing back your heavy hitting Operations and traps. I think two Shipment from Tennin is the right amount, for the reasons you stated. I also fully agree that Obokata Protocol would be my choice over GFI.

I actually like Aiki in my PU deck, super cheap and basically requires the runner to break all the subs or spend a credit anyways if they want to draw. It can be played around, but so can Lockdown. That might just be a preference thing. I really want to say 3 Kakugo might be necessary. I just love that card, the net damage tax is so huge, and the fact that it is an ETR is big. If you're thinking of dropping the Aiki that is what I would change it to, no question. I will have to give this suite more of a full test before I can judge. What about it specifically have you not been happy with @shadowhawk?

I really like the Punitive Counterstrike idea. Could be a great kill shot.

I like the Kala Ghoda Real TV include, super cool, taxing and effective.

I think the Chronos Project is necessary considering the prevalence of conspiracy breakers. It's that or either Ark Lockdown is a consideration, and I think Chronos is the right choice. I'll play it a bunch and see what my experience is.