Ruskie - 5-1, 1st Fraser Coast SC

xanshin 129

31 Jan 2017 Vanadium

I know the subliminals are for triggering Jeeves, but without scary ice, they're going to run every turn, right? How often did the Subliminal/Shipment combo work?

1 Feb 2017 xanshin

The deck is derived from Russian NEH,

I guess I played the subliminal/shipment/jeeves combo in 3 of the 6 games. San San city grid certainly scored a lot more points for me.

Usually Jeeves is used to install 3 cards then do something else :) Or click for 3 credits, install a new server and draw a card. Jeeves also scores naked unadvanced explodas, which you don't really care about losing due to the 5c tempo gain.

Many turns you are effectively getting 5 or more actions, which can enable you to score out while the runner is still setting up (typically turn 7 or 8).

It's probably a T2 deck in the present meta, but still strong enough to win a tournament with a bit of luck and bluff.