Shirocalypse Now (23rd at American Continentals)

Möbius Striptease 191

A very straightforward Apocalypse Hoshiko deck with the tiniest bit of extra sauce in the form of a Hyperdriver for the occasional full-HQ wipe with Wanton Destruction. I even got to pull off a six-card HQ annihilation against an Asa deck with Cybernetics Court installed. That was also my only win against Asa...

Overall this deck went a respectable 4-3 over the course of the tournament, and all three losses were very close. You can watch this deck flail around against YsengrinSC's brutal Asa deck as I fail to crack the top 16 at around 8:35:00 here, a stream which also features me continually forgetting that Hyperdriver costs 3 mem space: