Benevolent A.I. Wanted V.0.1

Pantacruel 79

Here is an updated version of my previous build, focusing on a faster setup , tag protection, money redundancy, one current for Corp ID and one for never advance shenanigags.

I am wondering about a few things, so I will most likely try them out in the coming weeks:

  • replace Corroder with Laamb (quicker aggressive setup but long term cost requires a very steady revenue stream)
  • replace Corroder with pretty much any 2 influence Fracter (Demara for trash and Prey synergy; Sherman for multi-subs
  • replace Sure Gamble with some money making Resource that can be trashed for synergy, such as Armitage, Daily Casts, Jackpot. But all of these would require to go through Assimilator, which is just too inefficient...

Apex really needs some trashable cash resources or a way to host ressources, or better yet the removal of the restriction on virtual resources...^^

Any players who have already tested out these ideas, I would love to get your input.


5 Jan 2019 EnderA

Armitage Codebusting and Daily Casts don't work with Assimilator. They get credits on install, which you are bypassing.

IMO the best resource to combo with Assimilator is Aesop's Pawnshop, but you're influence starved because of Crowdfunding. Otherwise I feel Chop Bot 3000 is necessary for long-run economy with Wasteland and Reaver.

What do you plan to use Same Old Thing for? It requires 3 total extra clicks to use because of Assimilator. Your highest impact event is Apocalypse which definitely doesn't work with SOT. Economy cards aren't worth it (3 extra clicks for Sure Gamble nets you 4 credits for 4 clicks.) That leaves 2 currents, Prey, and Reboot as the only cards you're going to use SOT on. But if you wanted more Prey or Interdiction you could just include more copies, so it's either for your 1-of Employee Strike or Reboot. That seems awfully narrow and inefficient.

Also, I don't think Employee Strike is worth the restricted slot if it's 1x. Switching Corroder out for Paperclip would be an easy change. Otherwise Corroder is almost certainly the best fracter. Alternatively, trading influence around for Aesop's Pawnshop would get you huge value. Or you could go up on the number of EStrikes (cutting other cards.)

You might get better value with 3 Aumakua instead of Self-modifying Code in combination with Crowdfunding, but that depends on the corp not locking you out. Special Order could save you 1 influence, but can't be recurred. I also question the value of Archives Interface and Deuces Wild for their influence cost. If you want event econ, you might consider Peace in Our Time or Day Job for better influence-value.

TL;DR: I think the cards that would be the highest value to spend influence on are Aesop's Pawnshop, Chop Bot 3000, Special Order, Paperclip (if you're not going Aesops), Day Job, and Aumakua.

The cards you should consider cutting are Deuces Wild, Employee Strike, Self-modifying Code, Archives Interface, No One Home, and Same Old Thing.

6 Jan 2019 Uruz

What @EnderAhas put down is absolutely right, but I want to hammer on one point:

Assimilator is either your focus or it is not. Pick one, and build around that. If you're in, use Rachel Beckman, Aesop's Pawnshop, Cyber-Cypher, Political Operative, Hostage, etc. If you're out, avoid the hell out of all of them and only maybe consider running 1-of Assim as a contingency plan for something that got binned.

I'm staunchly in the anti-assimilator camp, and feel that relying on aesop for income is glacially slow. chopbot+crowdfunding+wasteland is 6 creds per turn, and is significantly easier to put on the table.