Operational Asa - Top Delawarean at the Uncommons SC

Sanjay 3080

I just adore Fully Operational.

My interest in Asa Group has skyrocketed because of this card. The whole deal is such a delight.

Notably, other people have had more success with the combination. I won a single game with this in tournament play. I hope to one day win a second game.

Thanks to a bye, I ended the day with 15 prestige, which put me in 5th place at a New York Store Champ, above Joe Biden, above Aubrey Plaza, and above Sean Patrick Thomas, none of whom even attended this tournament.

As famous Delawarean Elena Delle Donne says:

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. And I should know; I'm a basketball player!

I think I really embodied the spirit of Caesar Rodney in this achievement, even though instead of a horse I took a car, a train, and the subway to get to my destination.

Take that, entire rest of Delaware. I am the best.

2 Apr 2019 Shiiuga

10/10 would spend an entire game assuming I couldn't break Hagen because it was a sentry again.

2 Apr 2019 Sanjay