Mushin / Complete Image

allofthemarbles 158

This is the corp list I took to 1st place at the Pittsburgh 2019 regional.

The deck uses Mushin No Shin to rush out two 5/3s and a "Clones Are Not People" under the threat of Complete Image. The all-5/3 agenda suite means that a single steal turns on Complete Image, and the threat lasts longer since they'll usually need 3 of the 7 agendas to win.

Complete Image is trash-on-sight, so Archived Memories and Consulting Visit are there to pull "safe" copies from archives or R&D. Archived Memories also helps you recur Mushins while Consulting Visit can pull "Clones" after a Mushin-advance play.

The deck won 5/6 games against Khumalo, Gnat, Leela, Liza, and Wu. One was due to Snare!, one to scoring out, and the other three were Complete Image kills. The loss was a decisive one against Wu.

I didn't get to chain Salem's Hospitality with Complete Image on the day, but after a grip reveal against Gnat, I was able to use Salem's to clear two I've Had Worse. That was enough to open a window to Mushin an Obokata, which set up a Complete Image kill from 2.

Against Leela, getting to 4 points with "Clones" pressured an Obokata steal. Even though Obokata wiped the hand before Leela drew a card, knowledge from Slot Machine allowed me to Complete Image from 1 through a No One Home trace.

Liza did a fantastic job of keeping me poor, but a Standard Procedure for 8 gave me enough credits to get a Kakugo rezzed on R&D, track a Tycoon in the grip, then take a hail-mary Archived Memories + Complete Image against a 3-card hand - where I lucked into winning the 50/50 on the second trigger.

Between the shell games and tracking the location of runner cards, this deck was a blast to play at the regionals. Thanks to @aunthemod and Mr. Nice Guy Games for organizing a great event!

26 May 2019 aunthemod

Coolest use of Slot Machine I've seen so far!

27 May 2019 Breaker0neNine

10/10 would gladly lose to again!