Nyoom/Crash [3-2 at Montreal Nationals]

Odonuvo 35

This is a combination of Nyoom and "No Dive Sable" teched with a bit of extra econ for bellona and assets. It went 3-2 at the Montreal Nationals and got me the criminal pin (2nd top criminal, top Sable). Wins were by the book draw, get money, do value runs.

Losses were against Asa where I couldn't get the econ to fast enough to trash key assets (I got hit with Fully operational 5 times) and against Reality Plus where I couldn't get past the drafter on HQ to diversion and there was a Menegarm in Archives fairly early so I couldn't let it fire.

If I had to make changes to the deck I'd swap out Carmen and something else for a couple of Revolvers. Every time I was slowed down it was because Carmen was just too expensive to use. I think the two boomerangs and Revolvers are good enough instead.

While I did win one game by deep diving a crypto crash early on, I think swapping out the Deep Dive for another Diesel would have been better.