Mythic Metal feat. Arella (Brno regionals winner)

ToThBeBe 621

Welcome back Mythic ICE suite, said noone ever :) This deck is pretty basic combo deck where you score out all your agendas in a turn, with the Arella Calibration Team spiced with some Mythic ICE, which went 2-2 in the swiss and then 2-0 in the cut of the Brno regionals. I won against Hayley and Iain in the swiss and Khumalo and Alice in the cut, while losing to Khumalo and Leela in the swiss

The big question mark of the deck is what to do against Leela, which seems to be an unwinnable matchup at the moment. I am seriously thinking about switching one Calibration out for Cerebral Static just because of that matchup. My experience is that very often you either see all three Testings (you only need 2 for the combo) or you have enough clicks to just advance once per agenda so you don't need the second one anyway.

Thanks Twada for organizing, and thanks for all the guys that I played it was a blast and I'm sorry about the Mythic garbage that is this deck :)