Space Elevator made with ICE

Two_EG 339

So this is basically a W-version of my Tennin central-server centralized(?) FA deck.

Differs a lot with current version, but still you see the point. No remote, just central, FA everything. Oduduwa basically like 'No more run on this server.' 13 advance Colossus is no joke, huh.

Now, uprising. Tennin deck still works fine, but I realized Earth Station can do similar work as well...


Actually wanted to go with 3 Vanity Project. But you know, Food is just TGTBT.

SIX + One = WIN.


Asset version of Tennin++

Who plays Showing Off?


Upgrade version of Tennin and taxing as hell

No you can't run archive to gain Datasucker token.

Hard to Use maybe change with Thimblerig.


Government Takeover

10++ credit

Patch Oduduwa ASAP


ICE version of Tennin


Oduduwa is not a unique ICE

Deck has lots of weakpoints like Late game Valencia or Oduduwa Killer, but it seems has some potential. Please try to improve it!