GG-Net (4th at 30-person SC)

paulyg 1034

My experimentation with GameNET continues. Whilst I continue to accept that Azmari is better, it's fun to see what you can do with the extra influence in GameNET. Here we get the HHN/Boom package, Crisium defence and still have some influence for a decent ice suite.

Playing the 15 Mins and False Lead don't feel too bad (though obviously not as good as the Azmari option of unstealable 1-pointers) and the False Lead often gave people pause even if I didn't use it. Early game money is often where this deck hurts compared to Azmari, as your ability isn't triggering if the runner isn't running. Sticking an early Daily Quest feels very good as it's money whether they run or not, but if that doesn't happen then things start to get hairy.

On the day this won against Apoc Val, 419, Freedom and Leela in swiss before losing to Aniccam 419 (the BEST 419) in the cut. Interestingly, I think the 419 MU for this deck isn't too bad on the whole, but Aaryn played the cut game very well and Falsifieds ruined my sneaky Bellona plans.

Azmari is better, but this is quite fun if you want something a little bit different (and enjoy adjusting your credit totals manually on jnet).

11 May 2020 Longi

How about to use the spare influence for something that forces runner to run more? CableCarnage played MCA Austerity Policy in his GameNET semi spam build. It puts runner in loose-loose situation. Either he runs, looses his money, gives some of it to corp and risks HHN or he looses clicks and watches corp score.

11 May 2020 paulyg

@LongiOoh, that's a pretty interesting idea. Will give it a spin.

12 May 2020 Longi

@paulyg Cool. Let me know the result;) I also think Azmari is better right now but after the expected ban of currents (or at least Scarcity of Resources) the difference may not be that significant. I also think the never-advance agenda suite (Project Beal + Remastered Edition) is worth testing. The issue with 5/3 agenda suite is that runners run only when they see corp IAA. Also, have you tried Tightrope core on GameNET? Might be better then kill.

12 May 2020 paulyg

@LongiI'm not sure wrt Scarcity, actually. I'm more excited to get three more deck slots back in Azmari :-) I have tried Tightrope in GameNET but I don't think the game plan is that good in the current meta. 419 was always tough to beat with it and now the amount of Apoc around means your number of good match-ups is quite low.