[OKORINA 2] "Tax, what tax?" -Donut Taganes (2-3)

Solomir 63

ID for this deck is Donut Taganes

If your runner has a link, you should always try Security Nexus. That always comes hand-in-hand with Citadel Sanctuary which also goes well with Rogue Trading. Round out that econ package with all the regular Anarch things and now you don't even need Events like Sure Gamble.

This deck had an average showing at the OKORINA tournament, with 2 wins out of 5. This was still better than I expected for the day.

Round 1 vs Utopia Fragment - An early Archivist net me a bad pub from SSL Endorsement. With the bonus link and bad pub, Nexus traces were almost free. Aumakua made its only showing in this game, and all it did was get me tagged off an IP Block and forcing me to use Nexus on it for future runs. Won by find agendas piled up in HQ after the remote was locked.

Round 2 vs The Cleaners - Made sure to money up before running as a single tag can be enough to kill against this deck. It shouldn't be too hard to keep up a good credit buffer between the resources, link, and Donut's operation tax. Prisec is still annoying though.

Round 3 vs Puppet Master - Big crash and burn by guessing wrong and hitting the advanced Project Junebug. Oops.

Round 4 vs Bacterial Programming - Kept drawing econ the whole game and not the right breakers. By the time they had 2 Nisei MK II scored, I had yet to find Black Orchestra or Paperclip. When Border Control is involved, Nexus alone doesn't quite cut it.

Round 5 vs Sentinel Defense Program - 1 Brainstorm after Earthrise Hotel draws is scary. After walking into a second Brainstorm (on the same server) I decided to try my luck instead on centrals. Unfortunately, Project Vacheron was still 1 turn away from giving me points when the Corp scored a very lethal Gene Splicer for the win.

Specific card notes:
Aumakua - As noted, the only thing it did was get me tagged and force me to use Nexus inefficiently. Because of DreamNet and Security Nexus, this deck doesn't run all that much to build up counters. Also, Cyberdex Sandbox was very popular this time around although I didn't play against any.

Scrubber - Never installed in any game, but is still a valuable tech card to have available. YMMV.

Armitage Codebusting - These are okay stopgap econ options, but I found them more often sitting in my grip and not being installed or used over Liberated / Rogue Trading. Cutting some/all is reasonable.

Citadel Sanctuary - This was also my main defence card against Cleaners kill decks which I was expecting more of. They're terrible against value meat damage like Prisec though.

Huge thanks to Sanjay for running this tournament and introducing this fun new format. This was my first online tournament with NISEI folks and it was a blast.