Sneaky HHN/Boom Asa(6-1 at Worlds)

Diomedes 117

Based off of

Changed the agenda suite around to accommodate the SSL ban. Cut 1 MCA to make up for the additional agenda, cut 1 mumba temple for a biotic labor to assist with the scoring plan now that we have vitruvius, and changed hagen into a vanilla since we have less money without SSL and the mumba.

Did a lot of testing/fine tuning of the deck with Janktivist, AxWill, Hutch9514, and Xerohour so credit to them as well!

I managed to go 6-1 with the deck and overall it went 24-7-1 across 5 players(1 dropped after round 5). It was pretty much equally good at scoring out and killing on the day for me, with 3 score outs and 3 kills. Changing the agenda suite to include Vitruvius and adding a biotic definitely changes up the gameplay quite a bit and it can play a much more traditional asa game very easily. Even in testing vs Leela/Apoc Anarchs that knew the decklist it was still winning at a fairly high rate due to the multiple angles of attack.

Despite the successful corp day, my fairly standard Leela went 4-3 so just missed having the 11 wins necessary to make the cut. The event was still a blast though and I'm happy to come away with an amazing playmat!

Thank you Nisei for keeping the game going and running such awesome events!