Andy Au Revoir 1st place Malmö Regionals

Siegl 675


This deck ended up going 2-3 on the day, winning against PE and IG but being outpaced by the same NEH twice and a SYNC. I had only played my decks deck once before the tournament and barely any netrunner at all in about a month unfortunately. Thankfully my 5-0 corp carried me.

The tournament was quite small with 15 players, meaning 4 swiss rounds and top 4 cut. I was the only one coming in with a super bye. We were recording the top table the whole tournament, where I ended up playing all my matches except round 2. So hopefully you'll be able to see that with commentary, including mine.

The deck is basically the same as Camlimsha's, minus 2 Dirty Laundry. I took in a third Express Delivery and a second Same Old Thing instead. The SOT should've probably been a third Career Fair or maybe even an Easy Mark because I found myself in situations with low econ, really losing tempo, before getting set up with multiple Au Revoir. I don't think DLs would help much in that situation except in the very early game with an open central, can check remotes but can't trash assets anyway when you're broke.

Round 1 vs bye: Super bye! Got some sweet rest on a couch. I was pretty sleep deprived coming in, having worked night shift all week and slept like 4h the night before. (4 points)

Round 2 vs Sebastian (Au Revoir Andy/NEH FA): The winner of Nordic Championships 2014 and a really cool guy from my local meta in southern Sweden. He's playing a super fast NEH with Advanced Assembly Lines, Jeeves Model Bioroids and Team Sponsorship. I get a low econ start after mulligan and he gets set up with SanSan City Grid, TS and AAL early which I can't contest without losing all my tempo for my setup. I slowly start building up, hoping that he doesn't see an Astroscript Pilot Program early. He does though and gets two of them scored fast. At that point the game is basically over. 2-2 (6 points)

Round 3 vs Simon (Stealth Hayley/PE): Awesome guy coming down with a quite large group (for this tournament anyway) from Jönköping a couple of hours away. I get a decent setup seeing Feedback Filter early, but still with low econ with only one Au Revoir. I'm able to keep most of his remotes honest, getting some 3/1 agendas in the process. He gets some agendas through though. At the score of 5-4 in my favor he goes for a Mushin No Shin and advancing it with his last click. I only have two credits so my FF is useless but I have a Sports Hopper on the board however. I decide to check R&D first breaking a Yagura with my last credits and seeing three cards thanks to #The Turning Wheel counters: Komainu, Fetal AI, The Future Perfect... Damn, should have prepared for that, 2 creds away from the win. I'm thinking that I need to check the 4 advanced remote or he'd win if that's a TFP. With only three cards in hand however I'm dead if it's a Project Junebug even with Hopper. I can survive a Ronin and after some calculations on his agenda suite i decide that he's only got one TFP, the one I'd just seen in R&D. So I end up taking credits and pass the turn. I can't quite remember what he did on his turn, installing a new remote and taking creds I think. I get up to 4 creds and go for R&D, 2 to break Yagura and 2 left to steal the Fetal that's now on top. I assumed that he had a Jackson Howard out, but he had just forgot about the impending Fetal steal for the win and didn't do anything to prevent it on his turn. Quite lucky for me. 4-0 (10 points)

Round 4 vs Andreas (PPvP Kate/EoI SYNC): Super friendly guy coming down from Varberg, we've met quite a few times in earlier tournaments. I'm getting my rig down quite slowly yet again. After seeing a Blue Level Clearance in the early game I know he's playing basically the same SYNC as me. He gets some agendas out quickly while I'm still finding pieces of my rig. I decide that I need to go aggressive and goes tag-me through a Data Raven on R&D. I know I need to get lucky and win fast or he'll just Exchange of Information for the win. I think I end up with just two Breaking News or maybe I got one from EoI, not sure. But it's nowhere near enough and he #Fast Track for the win. 2-2 (12 points)

I end up as the top seed after swiss with better SoS over Sebastian who's also on 12 points. 3rd seed is Peter, another local, on 11 points and 4th is Simon with 10.

Cut round 1 vs Simon: I chose to play with my corp in this rematch. Both our games were really close in the swiss, but I felt more in control with my SYNC deck. Win

Cut round 2 vs Peter (Jesminder/IG): Peter haven't been too successful in earlier tournaments, so it was really great to see him doing this well in a Regionals. He's such a nice guy and it's well deserved. I'm running into his Industrial Genomics. Thankfully I'm top seed and therefore I win if it's tied when time is called. So this game ends up being my best Moby of all time. I got FF in my starting hand and got set up in a decent pace (vs IG anyway) while running to trash some Bio-Ethics Association. After that my whole game is keeping my hand full and Snitch runs on R&D and HQ. Getting lots of money, basically so I can fuel my FF if things turn nasty, and stacking ridiculous amount of tokens on TTW. He realize that he needs to be more aggressive and puts out a new remote and advances it. I check it, with full hand, money for FF and even a Hopper. It's a ronin, I leave it there since it would cost me like 19 credits to trash (haven't checked archives all game). It's too late for him and time is called at 0-0. I ended up with over 20 tokens on TTW and funnily enough he's only got 3-4 cards left in R&D, but I never felt a need to run and actually access cards. Pretty boring game unfortunately, but being patient paid of against IG. Win

Final game 1 vs Sebastian: I get randomized to run in game one. I forego trying to set up my rig and just get some cash for trashing SanSans. I end up accessing two early, destroying my tempo but hopefully his too. Unfortunately he sees all three of them early, or he might have gotten one back with TS after a BN score, not sure. Unable to deal with the third SanSan and with no rig the game quickly runs away from me. Loss

Final game 2 vs Sebastian: Again my SYNC gets a win against his Andy, giving me the championship. Win

Really fun tournament, everyone is super friendly around here. Interesting meta with only one anarch which was Val!!! Andy ended up taking the top two spots (although mine was definitely on the back of my corp), with shapers getting place 3-6. On the corp side it was a more expected strong showing for NBN taking 4 of the top 6 spots which was all yellow decks in the field. Jinteki really showed up in force with 9 of the 15 players choosing red. The last to decks were Argus, meaning no HB decks in sight.

So even though this deck didn't preformed at a top level I think it's really fun and you should try it. Though I might be careful on bringing it to a tournament if your meta is full of fast yellow decks.

12 Jul 2016 HatsuneMiku

As it is an AR deck, why not using the underworld contact and drug dealer combo, which is very power in mid and late game?